How we saved a bunch of kids than blew up their village

Our efforts to save a bunch of kids from slavery turns bad Very quickly

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Me and my Buddies have been playing in the same campaign for over 2 years now. Our party, at the time of this story, consisted of Ken the monk, Nicholi the Barbarian, John the bard/sorceror gunslinger which we took to calling a spellslinger, Bragon the Arcane Archer, and Vebril the Spellcasting Rogue. We had just met Ken and Nicholi in the last town we had visited. They had opted to follow us to our next location to try and find some magic items to help increase our strength as a party. on our way there however we spot a small village in the distance with the residence out and shuffling about in a panic so we start hurrying to find out whats wrong. when we arrive we find that the residents are all crying and panicking over the loss of all their children to a large group of bandits. John, who has had bad experiences with bandits in the past, wasted no time in taking off after them. Vebril soon followed after, not wanting to leave him alone, while Bragon and our two new companions grabbed a couple quick supplies before following as well. after tracking the bandits for half a day we managed to find them. 30+ of them pulling three carts full of the children. A breif tactics discussion and prep led to a very intense fight but soon we stood victorious with only one of the bandits left. John, interrogated the man for info on where they were taking the children and how many they had at their base. After getting the answers he had asked for he quickly killed the man and we set back to redeliver the children home. It's worth noting that John has always been quite happy and even when being intimidating would have a smile. the "kind and polite gentleman that can kill you" kind of attitude so his sudden hatred and anger towards them made it very obvious this was hitting hard. After getting the children back home the parents were extremely relieved and happy to have their children back although the children seemed depressed and tired after the intense trip. after a short rest and getting something to eat, a meal that we all thought tasted a bit weird, we all decided to track down the camp that the bandit told us about and get rid of them. a week later we find the city that the bandits are based out of and disguise ourselves as big game hunters before going inside. much to our surprise this city is actually celebrating a festival and seems like an extremely happy place. listening in on the surrounding conversations for clues about the bandits whereabouts yields only happy talk about starting new families or gaining new siblings or children. we checked around a few local taverns and inns and finally found a man who told us about an underground market that would be the perfect place to sell the two large creatures we had brought with us. after a long discussion between the five of us about if we should take up the offer or look for more concrete info about the kidnapped children we decided to meet with him at the location, figuring that we would be able to find some underground contacts that could point us in the right direction. we met with him out of town and he led us to an underground waterway under the city that an auction was going to be held in. on the way in Bragon, our archer, spotted an open door with dozens of children inside laughing and playing. after relaying the information John had Vebril, our rogue, sneak off and take note of the number of guards and children around as well as securing any guards he was able to without setting off alarms right now. For the most part we were all rolling fantastic and this looked like it was going to be a "by the books" rescue mission. After registering the animals we brought and letting the auction commence John and Bragon snuck off back to the room of children to ask some questions. after hearing about how these men had come and taken them away from their parents and promised to give them new homes instead John was convinced that this was a slave trade and his anger grew. Bragon had begun to doubt a little but his suspicions had no time to grow as by the time they had gotten back to auction room, where Ken and Nicholi had stayed to watch, John loudly announced that all the people there were monsters of the lowest kind and that they would all be punished for the sins they had committed by taking part in this auction. He than proceeded to pull out his guns and fired at the nearest guard in the room. panic erupted and the customers all shrieked and ran for cover or tried to help the guards to stop John. the rest of the party quickly joined in, save for Vebril who was still out and about securing what guards he could. upon hearing the commotion he began heading back, taking out whatever guards he could along the way. John, Bragon, Nicholi, and Ken continued to beat and kill ever single person that they could while guarding the rooms only exit. They had decided that the rooms design was to prevent thieves from having any way out but it was now being exploited by my party to be the guards demise. 50+ people died in those tunnels by the time we had finished. we than proceeded to the leaders room who was now panicking and trying to get out of his locked office that Vebril had sealed him inside of prior. John blasted the door open, making the man fall back in fear, certain his life was about to end. "what the hell do you people want?" he demanded. John held his gun pointed at him, hatred in his eyes. "We're freeing all the children you kidnapped and you better have records of all the ones you've sold as slaves." the man looked on in confusion and horror as he responded, "what the hell are you talking about? we've never sold children as slaves or kidnapped them. where did you hear that?" we all looked at each other in confusion before turning back to him. "you stole a bunch of kids from a village to the west that we had to rescue from your bandits." again he looked confused before his fear was replaced by worry for his men. "what did you do to them? Tell me you didn't kill them! Tell me you didnt send those children back!" and again we all looked at each other in confusion. "why?" Bragon asked this time. the man looked looked at us like we had colored our faces blue and wrote the word "Moron" on them. "They're Canibals! they torture and beat their children than eat them if they die! Look!" he got up off his back and walked around his desk, pulling out papers and reports of people having witnessed or found out and come to them for help. "we were sent to rescue those kids!" we all looked at each other in horror, questioning if this man was really telling the truth and with a quick spell of Discern Lies from John it was very apparent that he was indeed. We all suddenly felt sick as we realized why the food they had given us had tasted strange and why the children had never seemed happy when we returned them home. Our entire mission had just been flipped on it's head and all we could do was stand their in silence and disgust, mentally scolding oursleves for not asking more questions. After the shock had worn off we very quickly apologized before rushing out the door and out of the tunnels to make our way back to the cannibal town. Using a shadow walk spell repeatedly we covered the distance in a third the time. Once there Vebril snuck in, moving from house to house and grabbed ever child he could and helped them to escape through a magical item that could make portals between two locations, the other half of which was out of town with john, bragon, ken, and nicholi. after Vebril had gotten all the children out of the village John instructed him to use one of his spells to make a 20ft deep hole in the center of town. Vebril did as instructed while John brought 2 large vials of blasting jelly into town. For those that dont know, blasting jelly is an extremely volatile green jelly like substance used by dwarves in mining applications. just a spoonfull is enough to equal as much as a train cart of TNT going off. it does not like kinetic energy and to say you walk on egg shells while handling it is putting it lightly. Think Nitroglycerin on steroids. John had 2 large vials and held them over the hole while Vebril escaped out of town to where the children and the other party members were. we all then ran as far away as we could while John prepared a teleport spell. The people of the village, not knowing what it was that John was doing or what the green stuff was came out to see what watch in curiosity. Just before completing the spell he dropped the vials down the hole and teleported away. The village was wiped off the map. we spent the next week bringing the children to the city where we apologized again and were told to never return. we left with heavy hearts as we tried to come to terms with all the innocent lives we had taken out of ignorance.


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