How we turned the doom vault dungeon in to a cake walk

With our new friend

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So our campaign starts like any other D&D game does big bad end of the world etc. etc. the party at the time consists  Kitsune Bard rouge, an Aarakocra monk rouge, a Human cleric fighter, a Loxadon Barbarian, and a Tabaxi rouge I joined later as the dwarf paladin (( yes I know a lot of rouges )) at the point we are all fairly leveled I think about 12th at the time our group and DM are pretty chill about things we are going threw the doom vault after we where teleported their by force to find a disturbance with the balance of elements it all goes … well (( besides our monk setting off EVERY trap how he has survived this long I will never know )) we come to these torture chambers with shackled demons and chained monsters as a paladin I'm fine leaving them there but my party had other plans we kill the cultists' torturers and our bard wants to set this demon free and without hesitation or bargain begins to unlock its shackles hoping by its good graces that we killed its captors would help us in the dungeon. It did not go as planned as one of the manacles are removed our monk walked into the demons radius and is captured our bard casts a spell and it does nothing, with its arms free the demon casts a spell and almost one-shots the bard 5hp and paralyzed (( our DM later told us it was a challenge rating 15 )) I quickly cure her status effect while the other rouges undo the demons shackles so it doesn't kill the monk my only thought is crap we are all dead but with enough luck (( and a really good roll )) our bard casts suggestion on the demon and tells it to leave and it just walks away. after that, the cleric and I heal the party and move on to the next section not without giving our bard and monk some crap and a little praise to the bard for the save.  we all move on to the next part and come to a cross-section on where to go next 3  paths the first leads to trap (( of course )) to the right the demon is standing there in front of a door and in front of us in a large room that smells like a farm I go right to check the door slipping past the demon and not wanting to set off a trap knock on the door only for it to fling open and inside is a group of hell guards and just around the corner a lich. the party closed the door behind me (( because they're funny )) I panicked and said dungeon keeping our DM had me roll a performance check (( did I say she was chill no shes evil )) I did not roll well but it was so funny the lich let me clean the room long enough for the party to open the door and let me out after that  the lich followed me out  to come face to face with a very large demon attacked it and we walked away. 

Pigs and fiends

After the incident with the lich, we come to a very large room with wooden structures the look like watchtowers with rotted wooden rope bridges between them and a large fenced in pig pen full of malnourished pigs and a lot of undead archers overhead our major flaw in our group... not a lot of range at all our group is out of sight for the moment trying to come up with a plan when I come up with the idea  to set fire to the bridge we don't have to fight the almost 20+ undead we can't reach and we don't have to deal with the mass of pigs so the bard and I set fire the wooden structure (( she uses cantrips and I throw a lot of alcohol )) it burns up fairly quickly what we did not take in to account was the pigs going in to a panic and braking the fence and trampling everything in the room us the undead everything after some very unique dex rolls we eventually manage to get out and in to the next room where we find more cultists and a fairly large beast (( an Otyugh )) wimpering. we quickly dispatch the cultists and once again our bard goes for the shackles which the rest of the party drags her away ((it's not that she isn't smart she just has good intentions )) I go over to the beast because to be quite honest I felt bad for it and I threw it some of my jerky rations which it quickly eats them the party is arguing with the bard and I turn to walk away when I get a telepathic message from it an image of the dungeon and our inevitable goal. my party is still arguing as i " talk" to the beast and find out there are more of them and they're hungry living in the dungeons garbage eating whatever is thrown into the garbage and I strike a deal with the creature (( after dragging in some of the dead pigs from the other room )) that if it helps us to the goal that I would feed it as much has it could eat and then some and to bring it back to its family. I quickly smash the shackles (( picking locks are for rouges )) and was promptly carried off by the Otyugh (( the bard still won't let me live it down that I wasn't scolded )) where it trampled threw mass amounts of mob eating zombies and feeds as it charge threw back the room where all the garbage is to find about 5 more Otyughs rolling around in the garbage (( I made friends with a sentiment dog )) what my DM didn't plan on was me being charismatic enough to convince the other 5 Otyughs to join in my crusade threw the dungeon with the promise of food at the end that made quick work for the rest of the dungeon and I would imagine if they had lived long enough to bad they got caught the dungeons collapse after we where teleported out I'll never forget my giant stinky dog beast (( we nicknamed him iron after a google translation error and for his iron stomach  )) 

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