Human bravery inspires the party but it has a prize

A party laughs at the human but he becomes larger than life

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I wanted to share a story since in most DnD games for the humans out there since I never met a human fighter who not only roleplayed so well but became a larger  than life character.

This story is how our party underestimate the human, he barely made ability checks and he was not variant humans so very often we struggle in dungeons due to his lack of dark vision, he became the party's mascot pretty quickly since all he could do is fight very well so we made him our default meatshield, we tried our best not to offend the real-life player but my wood elf warlock, the high elf barbarian, and the goblin druid couldn't help but laugh at all the shortcomings of being a human. The night before the big battle was no exception. "You Humans lack so many things how can you expect to be remembered when you only live 100 years". said my wood elf and the fighter was gonna reply but the high elf cut him off. "not to mention you don't have anything special, we elves don't require sleep our little goblin is small and can see in the dark like us, but you guys have nothing outstand asides from your population". The info caused the goblin to perk up "Humans just like having power much like goblins but not as clever". All of us chuckled and the human walked up to the bartender grabbed himself a mug. "I disagree we humans are more clever than any goblins and we don't need to live long or see in the dark because we will overcome any problems with our will". We argued some more but became more of us just deny humans had anything special and we rested. An evil lich had amassed an undead army and the main bulk was coming this way we had settled on helping the town guard fight as we tried to get to the main boss the DM knew how to balance an encounter so we knew we had a fair shot at this. I set a trap in the main gate and ready my bow the barbarian stood behind the gate waiting for his enemies to come to him while the goblin became a giant spider and set up webs by the other entries, despite all this, we did not expect an undead dragon. The thing smash trough my traps passed all the saves and almost burned our barbarian to a cripst. Then the undead army ran through the gate and where was our human fighter you may ask?. Well he had been staying in the top of the gate and as soon as turns came he jumped down into the undead dragon I could not believe it a good athletics check later and his attack roll and the DM was shocked, the bastard dealt more than half its hp in one blow the thing was blooded and the fighter stood its ground after taking the falling damage and used all its extra attacks plus action surge landing himself two criticals after what must have been 12 strikes the thing and some of the nearby undead fell to the might of his sword in less than a second. I was scared, the barbarian was dumbfounded and the goblin was lucky to have just arrived to see a dragon fall like it was a common thing. With is dragon dead the lich show himself to the fighter. "You, How dare you ?! Do you know how many hours and rituals it takes to create such a creature you humans barely know how patient one must be to spent eons perfecting an army and yet you have the audacity to stop me? Well, sadly I must inform you, your reward will be to become my undead knight for all eternity ill make sure your mind is still there for when you kill your family at my whims!". With that the lich undead soldier started attacking the human who had taken some damage from the fall, he almost died me and the barbarian tried to support him and the druid used some spell to keep him alive but I got smack by an ice spell and became immobile, the barbarian met the bad end of a chill touch and was about to die and our goblin was too surrounded by undead now and could not help. We thought that was it for our fighter he was basically now locked into a duel with the lich. Killing a dragon is one thing but a lich has legendary actions that are deadly spells and the fighter was on his last leg while the lich had barely taken any damage. then the Human shouted. "You, that renounce humanity since you became immortal answer me this, what powers did you really gained?, an army of decay? that's nothing in comparison to an army full of will hear me will you abomination. YOU may slay me today, but heroes will always rise and most of them are nothing special, A hero is someone who looks at the impossible and says ' I CAN DO IT' because we were all nobodies at one point we became arrogant ad forget how it was to be weak, You as much as it pains me to say it is a hero too but your ideals are that of evil and for that, I a hero whose ideals oppose yours will face you". The lich was gonna start laughing and tell him how stupid he was but he found himself in the fighter barrage he tried to use a spell to avoid an attack but with a nat 20 the slash-cut right through the shield spell and all magic defenses and intimidation check later the lich had lost concentration and was gonna run back to its lair leaving its minions to stop the fighter then the second wind was used and the fighter was healthy. "Come on you elves don't you wanna be heroes too?!". The DM said that our character felt a surge of power since he had was really excited by how this had turned out and gave a free turn to stop the lich however our damage was not enough and he was about to teleport. "WE SHALL MET AGIAN AND NEXT TIME YOUR LIFE SHALL BE MINES TO CONTROL IN DEATH!". Laughed the Lich getting ready to go but the fighter grappled him and pull him down into the dirt. "YOU FOOL!, The lich used chill touch but the fighter held his grip then took nasty critical damage from the undead stabbing to free its master, in fact, he was down but his grappled had to stop the spell and we had a second chance to foil the lich and we did with a brutal critical form our barbarian and the fiend was finally down. I tried to rush over and save him but the lich had one last nasty surprise the remaining undead went berserk and well the DM rolled if they would attack the injured down fighter a 1 and 4 chances they would do so sadly, in fact, was decided by the die an undead soldier stuck his sword in the wounded fighter chest and he met his fate. However after the battle, we buried him in his homeland along with all the loot and the gold which was used to build him a nice mausoleum our confident elves learned how humans live forever, they might live short lives, they may lack any special racial features but they are heroes not because they are good or evil but because each of them needs to become special and while other races say 'its pointless', human stand there in the frontline proudly living life to their fullest. The player made a second human the son of the original fighter and it was wholesome seeing our before racist elves now hold the human in such high regards telling tales of his exploits in that battle and battles and other feats before exaggerating them quite a bit is the least we can do to reward the man that killed a dragon and a lich by himself.


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