I did an oopsie.

I killed my whole campaign group.


Alright, we're still quite early into the campaign, we're lvl 5-6 and are doing quests for the higher ranked people in our DM's amazing homebrew campaign. We're told to go get a special rune, to then get rid of it, to then ward off a type of evil. Instead, I brought the rune back home into the capital, because I wasn't paying too much attention (I called it roleplay as i had rolled 7 wisdom.) Bringing it to the capital, meant the end of the world, because it attached itself to the ground of the city. The city was built on top of an ancient burial site, and the rune gave a signal to many types of evil. This event was started way too early for our group, and we were way too underlevelled. (This was a level 12~ event.) We were all immediately overkilled, and DM let our Warlock's imp humiliate me in front of the group. Oops.



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