Interplanar war?

How Kirrik kind of accidentally escalated tensions to the brink of interplaner war.


So in the campaign there is there is a company using souls to provide energy. This angered an arch Angel who threatened to invade the primaterial plane if this company continued. So Kirrik and one of his perty members, called Creed, infiltraded the office of a high ranking ambassador of said company. There were several letters we found that talked about this angelic threat and orders on how to deal with it. Our party was out to collect dirt kn this company and it turned out that the company was about to make a deal with this angel, only to betray him in secret. 

Instead of leaving everything as it was. Kirrik decided to steal the documents about this betrayal and send them to the local press. Everyone should know about this angelic threat.  Toally forgetting that the angels might not see this as an act of help, but as proof that they must invade soon. Kirrik’s plan now? Help the party in stopping this war, but if all is lost get the heck out with his Aarakocra girlfriend, back to their homeworld they were both kidnapped from as chicks. 


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