It’s Time To Pre-Order Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer’s Guides ‘Monsters & Creatures’ and ‘Warriors & Weapons’

The first two installments, Monsters & Creatures and Warriors & Weapons are available for pre-order.


The new series of Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer’s Guides are soon going to hit stores later this month. Precisely, we are here to inform you that the first two installments are named ‘Monsters & Creatures’ and ‘Warriors & Weapons’. Both these installments will be published this July.

Pre-Order ‘Monsters & Creatures’ here: Check Amazon

Pre-Order ‘Warriors & Weapons’ here: Check Amazon

Here are some beautiful pictures from both Young Adventurer's Guides:

About 'Monsters & Creatures' and 'Warriors and Weapons':

Monsters & Creatures: It is an introductory guide to Dungeons & Dragons that is directed towards providing you with a fun-centered and comtemplative textbook to its monsters and other beasts.

Pre-Order 'Monsters and Creatures: A Young Adventurer's Guide' on Amazon

Warriors and Weapons: It is an introductory guide to Dungeons & Dragons which provides you details regarding many characters you can enact in the game alongside essential weapons and adventurous tools that might help you in enhancing your experience.

Pre-Order Warriors and Weapons: A Young Adventurer's Guide on Amazon

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