Ivor’s last stand

I'm a dm in curse of strahd and one of the players had to leave due to work schedules changing. His character, human barbarian Ivor, needed an awesome goodbye.


So in honor of Ivor here is his final story…… Ivor was a larger human who sported red hair with a blue beard, weilding his trusted bloodspear as well as his axe and draped in the skin of a direbear he himself brought down, he fought hard against the forces of darkness to protect his friends and eventually, his love interest Ezmerelda. His closest and most trusted friend was a goliath wizard named William Brunch with whom he grew close to through many adventures before they found themselves surrounded by the mists of barovia. Since we knew ahead of time of this happening i was able to lay the groundwork across several sessions so as to keep the other players in the dark. At first, Ivor was visited by a dark power in a dream where it promised him the power to protect his friends. Wary of the entity, but also concerned for the saftey of his dear friends, He agreed. when he woke,He was stronger and had new resistance to poison among other things. He used This power to bring down many enemies who dared try to harm those he cared for.  However, when they met the great wizard mordenkainen he was informed his soul had been taken. It was then he started noticing things he had brushed off before. He felt uncomfortable in churches, Found himself unable to sleep some nights, and most concerning of all, he found he was unable to harm an undead enemy…. EventuallyThey moved onto the old bonegrinder where they battled the hags. during the battle escher, one of strahds consorts came and attacked the party. killing an npc whom the characters had become good friends with, but that's another story… Once they defeated Escher Ivor found a black gem that was warm to the touch that he felt strangely drawn to… he it kept for himself… soon after they found themselves Traveling towards Argynvostholt on the way, passing a mysterious Alter that seemed to whisper to him… while in Argynvostholt, Ivor himself carried the skull of the great argynvost to it's final resting place thus giving his party a boost to thier ac… except for himself… after freeing the revenants by igniting the beacon at argynvostholt, they were traveling back to valaki…. When coming across the strange alter once more. This time ivor walk over to see what could be causing the whispers. he reached it and felt cold. felt as though his entire body went limp. slowly, a massive entity of shadow drew forth from the shrine,took control of him and forced him to attack his dearest friend william.. Ivor wept as his spear entered the gut of william. Finding himself able to still speak he apoligized for what he did. "I just wanted to be stronger. to protect all of you… im.. so sorry.." The party fought against the shadow as william summond bigby's hand to hold ivor back. The party fired arrows and cast their most powerful spells, one even going so far as summoning a planatar to help aid them. Thier efforts were rewarded with a laugh eminating from a shadowy maw of teeth. " He is mine. now. and for eternity. Just then Ivor turned to shadow and shifted in front of william driving his spear into his shoulder… the party knew william wouldn't last another hit… and so did Ivor.. through sheer force of will he fought the entity and stopped himself from delivering a blow that would've killed William. as the rest of the party fought against the shadow. He took a step towards the massive darkness… saying his goodbyes to his friends as he used every bit of strength he had, he took step after agonizing step shedding his direwolf skin cloak, dropping his dear axe and spear. even his pack to shed as much weight as possible, and because he knew, he'd no longer have a use for it….. he reached the entity and stared it down. With a smile his final words were uttered. "I'll see you in hell you ugly bastard." With that, he crushed the gem. the entity was sucked into the black mass now held in Ivors hand. With one last look at his friends, he opened his hand, destroying the dark power, at the cost of his life. In memory of him, william had the cloak made into a wizards robe and vowed to end the darkness. At the end of this we told the party about the player needing to leave the game and that we wanted Ivor to have an epic farewell. Through a few tears and many cheers, they agreed, we succeeded.


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