Joe Manganiello Rolls A D20 & Absolutely Destroys Wrestler Who Mocked Dungeons & Dragons

It's alright. Not everybody has friends.

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Popular American professional wrestler, MJF tried to have a go at Dungeons & Dragons 2 days ago and got absolutely belted by fans of the game including actor Joe Manganiello!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (commonly known as MJF) is an American professional wrestler who is currently signed to wrestling circuits All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and Major League Wrestling (MLW). He currently holds the MLW World Tag Team Championship with Richard Holliday.

When it comes to MJF's character in the ring, he plays a heel. This means that he potrays a bad guy, hence, is part of hateful controversies more often than not. This time, he took his bad guy persona to Twitter and tageted Dungeons & Dragons. Here's what he had to say.

It was a random surprise to see MJF target Dungeons & Dragons for no apparent reason. However, him living under the impression of all of us core Dungeons & Dragons fanatics being a bunch of nerds is clearly a laughing matter. Maxwell got a sour taste of his medicine as our hero, Joe sends him back where he belongs, to the abyss of no retreat.

Over the past few years, Joe Manganiello has turned into somewhat of an ambassador for D&D and tweets like this tell us that he deserves to be up there.

Following Joe's reply, other popular D&D figures took up to Twitter and replied the pro wrestler. Here are a few:

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  1. Lmao I was scrolling through twitter and seen someone tweeted this out and I gotta say… It makes me in reasonably mad that not a goddamn person in this article understands what a “work” is. Like Jesus fuck man. That’s it that’s my comment.

  2. It was not making fun of DnD out of nowhere. On AEW’s debut show on TnT he will be facing Brandon Cutler who is part of the DnD community, also cosplays and goes to cons. His t-shirts and gear displays a d20 to show his gamer support. This is what sparked MJF’s comment.

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