Keeping evil a secret

How my evil halfling saved the day


So this was 3.5 (my favorite) and it was my brothers campaign. The party consisted of me, a neutral evil halfling rogue, my best friends character a dwarven fighter (also captain of the town guard), a human warlock, and a human cleric of pelor the sun god. See my brother had finally let me be an evil character and i did not want to dissapoint. So my halfling was the town dung shoveler and tended the stables at night. He was always nice to everyone and had a good reputation for buying drinks for folks at the tavern. of course this was all a ruse. He made most of his money killing drifters and nobodies that traveled through town. He would then take the bodies to a small crypt outside of town and sell them to a necromancer in hiding. Then sell their horses that were left at the stables. My brother allowed me some extra gold in the begining because by this point i had killed a lot of travelers. so i purchased a cloak of elven kind at character creation. So the first hook was an orc invasion, where we followed the orcs for various reasons back to their wooden pallisade camp and wiped them out. The fighter was downed so i used the potion of healing i had stolen from him earlier to revive him and told him it was my own potion i used to save him.he bagan to meta game and started having his guards follow me everywhere. So there i was with two inept guards assigned to tail my everymove so i waited. i picked one off with a clean head shot that night while the other was peeing. one down, one to go. Thats when the zombies came. The necromancer had raised all the bodies i had sold him and assaulted the town as he wanted more corpses for his undead army. Naturally being the the town nice guy i helped fight them off. But i had killed a lot of people and the zombies outnumbered us. We were forced to retreat to the woods. I saw my opportunity. I got ahead of the group, set up a trip trap, hid and shot the other guard when he tripped. Thats what they get. At this point i needed a rock solid way to get my meta gaming buddy of my back so i told the group to go on ahead and hide. i then remained in the woods baiting the zombies until they were all chasing me. I led them to the now abandoned orc fort and got them to follow me inside. As they shambled in i spread pitch and hay everywhere. Then i climbed the wall ran to the front and locked the gate, trapping the zombies. One torch over the wall made short work of the undead as i watched in satisfaction. My brother laughed.


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