Keiko Chronicles #1- My First Nat 20

My very first time being exposed to D&D. Rolled an important crit that made my best friend (DM) end the session.


This is not a revenge story or bad DM tales. Sorry, that will come later, and trust me, those ones are drama filled.

My first exposure to D&D was a comedy skit that once was aired by a radio host called “Dr Demento.” That audio was my only knowledge of the game since my dad was more nerd than geek. My first session of ever playing the game was a 3.5 (? not sure?) back in 2010 (ish) introduced to me by one of my best friends since high school. 

She helped me build an Eladrin Sorcerous, daughter of some nobleman. I really didn’t have much of a backstory. That was literally it. My character was sheltered and ….Hot. Literally all she had going for her. Our characters met in a pub and the Rogue tried hitting on my character. I was awkward as heck and thus she was too. Our… dead? Fighter (I still don’t remember what he was. He might have been a revenant dragonborn?) tried to help me by talking to the Rogue. We also had a Ranger and a Paladin. I was literally the only full caster at this time.

Anyways, we are messing around when “suddenly” someone yells that the town was getting attacked and the guards were begging for help. We beat up goblins and then were asked to go on another quest to find some other things that were attacking the town. I literally got swept away with the other players. My poor Eladrin had no idea what she was doing and so she followed the fighter since he was nice to her.

I really don’t remember what happened that led us to where we were. This was so long ago. Time Jump! We were fighting some sort of things that I can only imagine looked like the canyon crawlers from Avatar the Last Airbender. I was staying the freak back! I was new to all this but I understood I was squishy and could easily be hit. Plus my spells were nicely long ranged. There was one crawler that was running for a hole in the cliffside and the Fighter and Rogue couldn’t catch him as their turns ended. I counted squares and noticed one of my more powerful spells that could only be used once per day could hit it, but I wanted to try to be dramatic!

“DM, Can my spell hit above the cave and cause the creature to die in a rock slide?”

“Maybe?” She said with a smirk. “You have to roll well for it.”

Natural 20

And my spell was extremely destructive according to the description. Her jaw dropped and threw her papers on the ground. 

“What?” I asked

“What she do?” the other players asked eagerly. They knew this was  my first ever exposure and they hoped I did something good.

“You completely miss the crawler…”

My eyes bugged. Everyone was silent.

“…because it caused a cave in, not a rock slide. You crushed all of the reinforcements this crawler was trying to call for.”

Apparently, there were about 15 more of these crawlers inside and she wanted us to struggle a little. I one hit K.O.ed them with my spell. Everyone was laughing and high fiving me. The Rogue and Ranger actually finished off the last crawler. We got a ton of XP for that and a boost because of the K.O. which made us level up.

The session ended right there, mostly because a couple of the guys needed to sleep for work, but DM also had things for us to do and I killed it. She was expecting more combat for a while. She was frustraited, but proud of me. Freak it! I didn’t know what I was doing, lol.

Sadly, that was also the only session I did with these guys before my DM moved with her family and I lost touch with everyone else. Sorry if this isn’t exciting or thrilling to any of you, but this was my very first session of D&D. It was a good experience.

This of course is not my last D&D story. And sadly, I suffered a lot at the hands of my next DM… and his wife.

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