Kill Them Whilst They Sleep


Let me first say that even though I am not new to DnD I am still trying to grasp a lot of the rules, and this is my first time being a DM. My party consists of a male half-orc and a female halfling (both players are new to DnD) and I’ve created this little world called Nordal, where a lot of the races have come together to live in peace. There is some trouble brewing in this world and my party has yet to figure out what. One of their quests is to retrive some objects from a nearby abandoned house (which is partly submerged in water) and this is where I thought would be a good idea to introduce them to what they are going to get themselves into for the main story. The place hosts cultists who whorship demons and I put some flying snakes in there too to make it interesting, and since my party tends to question things (and be curious about the story) I thought they would put in some time to learn about these people. I was horribly wrong and what comes next I have only myself to blame because in the last session I let the halfling buy a blowdart AND a sleeping potion which was instantaneous… you can probably imagine what comes next. The halfling dipped her darts into the potion and one by one she puts each cultist asleep. At first, okay maybe they will wait until they wake up to question them, but NOPE. THEY SLIT THEIR THROATS WHILE THEY WERE SLEEPING. They continue doing this until the main boss, and at this point I didn’t want to give up without a fight so I decided that the main cultist guy will become possessed by a succubus and then they will fight. The players won in the end and managed to rescue three village girls (which one of them died by a flying snake because the half-orc persuaded the girl to check in on one of the rooms and let’s just say, it went horribly wrong, as in I rolled a nat 1). And I think I will also say that the half-orc loves flirting other women (even though the player is a woman) and he tried flirting with these girls but he ended up creeping them out. It was an interesting session. 



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