Kirrik’s love life

How Kirrik found his mate


Kirrik is a 3 year old Aarakocra monk. As a chick he was kidnapped from his home in the elementail plane of air. He got seperated from the kidnapper upon arrival on the primaterial plane and was found by a kind monk called Gyatso and he raised him for a short while, before Kirrik took to the wilderness. He learned that he was not the only Aarakocra on thos plane of existence, so he went to seek her out. She was a monster hunter of great renown who went with the name “the bladed Sparrow”  and he wanted to be just like her. After a while the two of them met during a fancy party at the academy they instsntly took a liking to each other and even started to flirt a bit too each other. People began to suddenly fall seriously ill around them while they talked. but they were too focussed on each other to really care. only saying goodbye after the party was over. 

Every so often Sparrow would have missions for the party some small things, but later some very important plot quests. Kirrik always looked forward to see her and would always find ways to flatter her. with jewelry. The two of them became quite close and went on dates untill she got kidnapped again. After looking for her we found out some gang tried to sell her back to our original kidnapper, but we got there first and rescued her. Creed took her back to safety while Katsuaki (our samurai) and Delwain (our other armoured guy) and Kirrik remained to see this kidnapper for he was approaching. we had a brief conversation. But because not all the 2 Aarakocra specimens were present he quickly left. after stating that they were an endangered species and wanted them for his zoo. 

After this Kirrik and Sparrow were madly in love with each other. He did everything he could to keep her safe and secured until he would be back from his next mission. That mission almost cost him his life. This was for him a wake-up call. when the mission was done he gathered all the trophies of his hunts together and made them into a necklace. The next time they saw each other rhey were so happy to see each other that they cartwheeled (eagle mating/bonding ritual) after thst he gave her the nacklace and before he could even ask her, she asked him to be her mate. 

With their love ever growing they are planning to start a family together, while trying to save the world, find a way back home and be together. 

Last session they got busy. which caused a cringe for the rest of the party. 


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