Kobold gets his best Friend

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I went to the store to getting ready to play D&D, I’m getting ready to play as hunter kobold and I wanted to tame the wolf as my own friend. I ask others for their own thoughts, they all say: “throw that idea out the window, it seems impossible to tame the wolf if you roll 20.” the game have started other party was surprise of my choice, they don’t like my handle of my bounty (my kobold claimed his reward by retuning the bounty’s head on the table). the player tries to history check on me on my “Alignment: chaotic Evil”, but he roll fails and my roll is 20 knowing about his good Alignment: he hunts down evil. kobold is very lucky he not been discover yet, and join the party to the journey. Kobold shouts proudly: “”For The Hunt!”. Along the way we’re in the middle of Orc War, kobold ask one of the party member the Drow warlock to join him to scout into the deep forest, we found small party team that looks strong. Kobold ask: we need some help, I’ll see if there any wolf to tamed. I roll a 18, then we found a wounded wolf, and decided to tame it with haste. it’s awesome roll 20! now it’s Kobold’s best friend. sadly were very hungry and we all headed back to report want we saw and taking good care my wolf for a good health. best D&D ever!


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