Lenray Rivia, The low charisma with a way with words.

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This story is about a pathfinder campaign I am in with my family and a friend. The world is important to know, it is a world with fog all over the world with monsters literally popping into existence. The only way to get rid of the mist is to create a town with people. People would join the adventurers guild to fight these monsters for money, the population is predominantly human, and some races were discriminated against. Now for the charaters:

(My character) Lenray Rivia: half elf magus

Dareon Verbray: human cleric of law

Lord Falco Stealthfoot: halfling, unchained rogue

Jonny-5: Android wizard.

The Story.

We were on a mission to help the supply of cockatrices to a town we needed to find information about an alchemist. As we were stocking the ship, a man appeared stating that the cockatrices are his and our employers stole from him. We found out he was lying and sent him off. Later another man came up to me and offered to buy the cargo for a high price. (Now a side note my character is greedy, but he completes his contracts no matter what.) I tried to calculate the profits with no intent to agree. I said no, and he responded with a better price. I decided to tell him. “Here is my offer, you leave now, or you leave as less of a man.” The man left quickly after that, and our table lost it at my comment. We went on our way to the next stop.

   At the next stop, there were people at the river dock that were shouting about he half-elves were stealing our jobs and hating my character. (no hatred between me and the GM it was just part of the world and the adventure.) I quickly replied to their anger. “You want to go out into the mist and fight horrible monstrosities for money.” I rolled low on that and only have a 12 charisma, but it quieted them and caused the table to lose it again with a great argument. Falco said that once we arrive at our destination that I would “get what he deserves.” That session was tremendous and shifted my character’s personality.


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