Matthew Mercer’s Creation Blood Hunter Character Class on Sale for Australian Wildlife Relief

Critical Role's Matthew Mercer gives charity for aiding Australia's wildfires.


The news of a series of wildfires in Australia has swept the world just as the fire is sweeping across and ruined billions of animals and displaced many more. Not only are the wildfires disastrous to the animal habitats, they have also resulted in massive combustion of carbon into the atmosphere — a veritable nightmare for the environment.

All we can do to help alleviate the situation, however much we can, is through relief funds. And that is what Matthew Mercer of the YouTube channel Critical Role is doing. The channel provides livestreams of Mercer and his friends playing DnD. It has garnered tremendous fan following, and Mercer is now using his popularity as a platform to encourage charity for Australia's debacle. He has put up his new creation of the Blood Hunter adventurer class for sale, and he will donate the revenue to Australian bushfire relief.

This is not the first version of the Blood Hunter character. Blood Hunter v1 was a martial class that makes use of magic from blood to enhance their abilities and spells. However, because they use magic from their blood, they also lose HP when causing some serious damage. There have been some tweaks in Blood Hunter v2 -- namely, that it now uses Intelligence rather than Wisdom scores for its abilities.

Here is the news broken by Mercer himself

Blood Hunter 2.0 is available on Dungeon Masters Guild. It is also included in this bundle, which also includes several titles the likes of the Circle of the Elementals druid subclass, the Cartographer class, the Ravenloft: City of Eyes sourcebook to name a few. The deal comes at an incredibly low price of $9.99, which would normally be $150! Not to mention, all profits will go to the World Wildlife Fund for Australia. The deal is live for the next two weeks.

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