• CrimsonFlame2K posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    So, two things happened in today’s session of my Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

    1) While in the cave where the Glass Breakers dealt with the orcs that had taken over the joint (see TftBG Episode 2, to-be-republished soon enough), Nigel (human battle master fighter) and Ghesh (dragonborn hexblade warlock) approached a statue holding a particularly shiny gem. What they didn’t know was that it was rigged to explode the second the gem was removed. They both failed their saves and took 26 damage.

    2) During their long rest, Arthur (human lore bard) decided to take first watch. He heard noises coming nearby and foolishly approached it. He was then struck by two greataxes, one of which was a Natural 20. He takes a total of 31 slashing damage and is instantly KO’d before everyone rolled for initiative.

    So yeah, sounds like a normal day for this chaotic dumbass lot.

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