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  • In a campaign I am still playing in, we were sent on a diplomatic mission to another country, it’s not too important what we were doing, but when a new player joined, a bugbear fighter I think, he rubbed my […]

  • Ok, so a few months ago, I had truly gotten the thirst to play DnD and was downright desperate. I kid you not, I wrote up five characters, played each one and DMed the whole adventure, rolling the dice and writing […]

  • This one is kinda mild and it just concluded minutes ago.I want to be very clear, this is in a great group with multiple DMs and it is a GREAT gaming group I wouldn’t trade for anything. More or less it’s just an […]

  • This one is slightly complicated. After a VERY long history of constantly suffering through horrible DMs and god awful groups, I picked up the handbook and put together an adventure for myself. How I found my […]

  • I won’t be using names of people or actual communities, but I won’t lie, it’s not hard to find if you try.I had been running into a LOT of trouble trying to get my hands on a DnD game, it was just one endless BS […]

    • I hear you buddy. The official D&D amino banned me because of some comments I made on a post about greta Thunberg. The saddest part is, they said I was being “insensitive” and demeaning towards people on the autism spectrum, when I in fact have Aspergers! (Which for those of you who don’t know, is a form of autism) I too am passionate about making content on the app, and have decided to move to D&D unlimited.

    • I regularly use the Dungeons & Dragons Amino but I’m not really sure why. The community is very small, incredibly toxic and largely filled by crap content like Character Creation Polls. I really only browse it looking for artists to commission my characters and to advertise my own commissions. I’ve seen two of my friends get players of the Amino to fill their campaign, all of which ended badly. Almost all of them where immature and downright insensitive. Even so far as killing other players in the campaign in secret because “It’s what my character would do”. I will never forget when unironically, one of them said “My IRL allignment is Chaotic Evil”

  • Years back, a local tribe of lizard folk were beginning to worry and enter into conflict with various towns encroaching upon their swamp and hunting grounds. Any attempt they made to ask the groups to leave was […]

  • Now, there's a whole lot that goes into how you choose your group, and let's face it… people can be… REALLY toxic.Hell, if you've ever gone onto reddit for these sort of stories you've […]

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  • Qui's story starts like many, a simple lonely child on the streets.It is unclear who her parents were or why she was on the street, she never once even questioned it. They simply were never in the equation, […]

  • I sometimes get people telling me that my campaigns are too easy or they are set up to make the players too powerful.I often give players the ability to reroll their stats multiple times, and the option to change […]

    • Like, I get the no neg modifiers, I’ve seen people do that, though personally I’m a “Imma sit there and watch you roll 4d6 and your 1 rerolls and those are your stats” kinda Fm. BUt an automatic AC of 15 seems a little too much.

      I mean, if you’re talking “Dm helps them build it up to 15ac” I guess that makes sense, but something about how this reads together made me initially think you automatically pop up your player ac up to 15 on your own.

      Personally I just had a “Halo Hombrew” one off where I made pregens for the game b/c my players are new enough I don’t want to force them through character creation with us only being 3 sessions in (Half of them couldn’t make it, hence the one off) and one of them had a 7 in charisma, and he roleplayed the HELL out of that. His character wasn’t very communicative to his teammates, he was rude and vulgar towards humans, he literally threw the team into a quarentine lockdown AFTER discovering there was no internal mechanism to let them out on the inside, sealing himself in there with them because he thought he was making a noble sacrifice after a disease was noted as probably having been released (By a rocket launcher he had fired and missed with btw), but once he was called out for making a brash decision because they could have just made sure to communicate the success of their mission and say that they were infected, the player RP’d this low charisma elite as having skulked off to pout for awhile about his own stupidity, before his own angst of being locked up with these people lead to him going absolutely HAM on the door with multiple energy sword strikes.

      I guess my point is that characters with Negative modifier’s can be INCREDIBLY interesting to play with, both from an RP perspective, as well as a combat perspective, cause NOBODY IRL is perfect in every situation, and they’ll do better or worse, and it adds a dimension of character flaw to the story that can make your character seem more interesting than someone who instantly succeeds at everything.

      I do feel you on the player who thought he knew what’s best, because I just went through that kind of process with my current team and the wizard in my group that i’m DMing for now, “I know what i’m doing” then I look at his wizard and he has spells outside of his level, unapproved homebrew out the ass kind of stuff, haven’t had a negative main dc yet, but I feel like that warlock deserved to get that taste of reality and why he shouldn’t have put that there. Personally, I let the player have full agency with the numbers after they role them, but I make sure that they KNOW what the main dynamic stats of their characters are, and then encourage them to play them however they want to from there.

      I mean I get you have bad luck, but if your group is wiped out early on by those goblins, that campaign can be saved by simply having them roll new characters as the squad who’d be sent out after the last one went missing, only to find the last squad dead and left looted, but I know not every group is mature enough to survive such a thing.

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