My 2nd Level Players Fought the Alpha Werewolf

Idk whay this means so :/


so this is my 2nd time being the gm of our circle of nerd friends. So i made a short homebrew campaign that would last 2-4 sessions depending on how fast they can decide, my friends went by to try out the campaign i made. They brought pencils and erasers and i provided them with empty character sheets. So after character creation we began the campaign. All of them are humans since that is one of the rules of my campaign. We had a Silent Rouge named Jack, A Loudmouth fighter named Arthur, and ranger who just want harem on his life named Sedrick. They just started and were doing a quest to deliver a letter to a town which the guy who suppose to deliver it got afraid of the foggy forest and decided to give the job to the pcs in exchange for a magic item that the pcs didnt know about. They went through the foggy forest and fought wolves on the way, the wolves didnt dealt enough damage to get the group worried.On their way,They found a cart on the road to the town their going. I told them that the cart was attacked by wolves since they didnt roll enough in investigation to know the actual truth. They took some supplies in the cart. The supplies were just potatoes and junk they tought they can sell.They arrived to the town and met the mayor.They gave the letter and decided to rest there for the night to heal and buy some weapons in the morning. But that night was not peaceful, the town got attacked by a pack of werewolves and the pcs fought them. They easily killed the first one since our rouge stole a silver dagger in a Shop back to the original town and the fighter got a bunch of crits on his rolls. The second and third werewolf caused damage to the group leaving the fighter and ranger badly injured but they killed both of them. The fourth one escaped since the group decided to scare it with explosion and fire. Skip to morning, the mayor rewarded them for their heroic act. then the ranger asked "Do they always keep attacking this place or that was just bad luck?" The mayor told them that the forest is infested with werewolves. The town they were staying got constantly attacked by werewolves. It was a struggle for the town since their defense got weaker every night. So a group of heroes before them made a barrier to protect them but once every 100th full moon the barrier would be broken allowing the werewolves to attack again. That night the barrier was weaken. The 100th full moon is near. The pcs rested and prepared for the next wave. They set traps and coated their weapons and ammunition with silver. Another battle occured leaving them badly injured again. Until they decided that its their turn to attack and kill the Alpha Wolf.They sold the junk they looted and with the support of the towns people they brought potions and got their weapons and armor blessed by the local priest. So the hunt begins, they went deeper and deeper inside the forest and killed a few werewolves on the way until they caught the attention of the bbeg. And the battle began, the ranger shot and arrow and hit the alpha's knees and the fighter and rouge went and fight the alpha in a melee battle. They got a few hits on the alpha and dealt decent damage because of the silver coat in the weapons.The alpha did decent damage on them since they are still low level adveturers. The battle went on for a while, attacks were exchanged and potions were drank, the ranger ran out of ammo and decided to fight the alpha with his short sword. The fighter is almost down and was relying on his luck to survive and the rouge is down to his last health potion, he mantain his distance and attack the alpha with surprise attacks, He was also lucky in dodging the attacks of the alpha because of his supernatural dodge rolls. The ranger was useless since he is fragile and barely did damage to the alpha.They knew they are gonna lose and was planning to lose in the most epic way as possible. Until the ranger had the most genius idea. He ran back to town and asked all the towns people to gather all silver items they have and melt it. The fighter and rouge initiated their hide behind the trees tactic to survive and to buy time. Until the ranger came back with a few arrows coated in boiling silver and a bucket full of molten silver. He told the group irl about his plan. I described it in game that he  shouted "break his jaws!" and the rest knew the plan already. The plan is to make the alpha drink all this silver killing him from the inside. they all coated their weapons in boiling silver and started the plan. The ranger disabled the alpha by targeting his joints and face. Then the fighter rushed in and stabed his sword with boiling silver to the chest of the alpha and he tried to break his jaw with his bare hands. the alpha tried to bite the hands of the fighter but the rouge stabbed his boiling dagger to the alphas cheek. The alpha was weaken and so were they. The rouge got knocked out while weakening and restraining the alpha. After the fall of the rouge, it was the fighters turn ,he rolled a nat 20 and the jaw was broken. then the  ranger rushed and poured the boiling silver to the alpha. i described the alphas death. That the alpha's stomach melted and killing him. the pcs were exhasted and went back to the town to announce the good news.the town rejoiced and thank the heroes for what they have done.


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