My Favorite Character

A Rogue Named Orafice


So let me explain first. At character creation I didnt know what the word orafice meant, but it worked perfectly for a rogue in the end. Orafice was a half elf with greasy black hair, bright green eyes, and several visible scars from a hard life. He was chaotic neutral in a sense that he didnt feel beholden to anyone or their agendas. He wasnt crazy and didnt go murderhobo. He considered every option. The traveling party was a human warlock (my brothers favorite), yet another sun god cleric (giant ass that harrassed Orafice), and a human fighter. Orafice got lucky early in our campaign and briefly became hunted by the rest of the party. He hadnt done anything wrong or evil, they just had different opinions. See, early on we had discovered an egg shaped artifact that had the ability to alter the weather within 200 mile radius. The warlock wanted it to study and thought it his by right of it being powerful and the rest of us ignorant. The fighter thought he deserved it for killing the big bad. And last the cleric of asshatedness thought it would appease whatever god he brown nosed. But Orafice was quick and had used a limited wish to double the speed of his horse earlier in the campaign. So he made his escape from the pompous group and threw all kinds of weather affects behind him for good measure. He went on to hire a female half orc redhead pirate captain named Red to be his body guard. Over time the campaign became cat and mouse. They got close once but the warlock had since grown bored and let him go, the fighter was bested by Red in one on one combat, and the asshat cleric fell prey to a myriad of traps and ended up tied naked to a tree in town square with pervert painted on his chest. Eventually they gave up and all banded together again. They went on to raise a giant crocodile undead and reinforce it for underwater adventures. They saved many towns and  eventually met with a serpent demigod, whom Orafice traded the egg to for all its treasure. Orafice used the treasure to build a fort with a tower for warlock, barracks and small army for fighter, and even a small temple for asshat. He erected a mansion were he and Red bagan a family of quarter orc, quarter elf, half human babies. And in the middle of the fort, a tree, for any occasions when the cleric asshat would step out of line.


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