My First (and only) D&D game


Background: I had never heard much about D&D nor did I know that much but one day one of my friends asked me if I wanted to play and I decided sure why not.

There was a level 4 Half-Orc paladin named roger, a level 4 dwarf ranger named mystic, a level 5 warlock who I can't remember the name to so… warlock, and then I started as a level 3 human cleric named Solaire so that i wouldn't be to far behind everyone else.

In this game I had made a human cleric because I had been told that the party didn't have any healers, side note the party I was joining had already been playing for a while, so on my first session I was introduced by the party happening to find a room that was filled with this odd orange glass like material that the paladin decided to break revealing the room where I was (outside game we were then told that I had been trapped there for around 1000 years, but none including myself in the game knew this, and that before the room was frozen I had been in a time of war ) as the orange glass shattered I was unfrozen. The paladin came barreling in to which my character immediately picked up the nearest thing and threw it which happened to be a butter knife I miss the paladin and immediately got a club to the head which dropped me to 1 health and knocked me out. Once I woke up is was greeted by the warlock who asked me some questions that I didn't have answers to when the warlock decided he couldn't get anything out of me he and the rest of the party decide to take me back the the kingdom to try again there. So we headed out to get on their sky ship when the ranger decided to jump off the edge of the sky island we where on which is 500ft in the air. now this is where I first learned that this DM likes to do things called deals with the devil where you can attempt really anything as long as you succeed in a 1d20 roll where you have to get a 15-20 to succeed a 9-14 to succeed but you lose something a 2-8 to fail and a nat 1 to flat out die most of the time. so as the ranger is falling down to his death he attemps to use is cape as a glider the dm tells him to "role for it" he roles a 5 to which he is told his cape is ripped in half now about to hit the ground he tries to make a deal with the devil to survive the fall dm "roll for it" he roles a nat 20 and survives the fall but not 20 secs after has a flamming stick fall on his right eye burning his eye and the area around it. once this was over we fly down pick up the ranger and head for the castle. some time passes and we get to the castle where we all go our seperate ways so we can gather resources and so the warlock can give a briefing to his sergent and so he can recruit me to the army. once we were all done the first session ends there. the friend who invited me who turned out to be the DM asked me how I liked it I told him I had a lot of fun he said great and told me the next session would be in two weeks I said can't wait and went home. two weeks later and I'm on my way back pumped up for the session once I arrive we are ready to start we begin the session by being told that a small village out of town is asking for aid because their children keep going missing so we head out. once we arrive we go to the mayor of the town and ask whats been going on he tells us that familys have been losing their children for weeks now and don't know what's causing it. we ask him if he's seen any patterns to the disapperences he tells us that the only pattern he's seen is that only children from farm houses or houses with no one else near by are the ones its happening to. once we are done talking to the mayor we head out of town to set up camp and come up with a plan to figure this out. after two days pass we notice a pattern to the disapperences and figure out that the next one should be one of two houses so we come up with a plan the ranger, paladin, and warlock will go to one house and myself and 3 soldiers will go to the other house. once I get to the house with the 3 soldiers I order two of them patrol the outside of the house and the last one to patrol inside the house while I put myself in the kids bedroom nothing happens all day and nightfall starts to come and still nothing until around 11:00 at night. I had positioned myself in a chair next to the door keeping a watchful eye on the children I was beginning to get tired when I heard something scraping the roof I jumped up and ran for the window to look outside when I heard a scraping noise next to the window so I stopped and instead locked the window and looked outside but nothing was there besides the soldiers patroling so I began to calm down when loud crashing and scraping started coming from the hallway so I ran for the door and shoved the dresser in front of the door to keep whatever was out there out but then I heard the kids scream I turned around to find what looked like a blue beast standing before me I yelled for help and then got sliced at by the beasts claws which brought me down to 3 health and flung me against the wall I was now scared for my life as the beast prepared to attack again I heard foot steps coming my way I was saved but then I heard a loud bang and looked over to see that someone had rammed the door but were stuck in the hall because someone had put a dresser infront of the door looks like I'll have to buy time I turned to the beast and was then told to roll to see who goes first i roll a 5 oh no now im sure to die but no thankfully the beast rolled lower so I go first i decide to hit the beast with my mace 15 I hit. YES! I roll for damage 1d6 I get a 6. NICE! now it's his turn he goes to hit me and misses. great if it keeps on like this I'll beat him in no time but wait as I look at the beast I see that where I just hit him the cut is starting to close oh no, I need help now as I look over at the door I can hear 4 men trying to get in but no progress is being made so I've got to options move the dresser to let them in and let the beast have an attack on me or keep fighting and hope they make it in before I die no question I need help now so I take the risk and run for the door the beast takes his attack of opportunity he misses. as i make it to the door the dm tells me to make and athletics check to see if i can get the dresser out of the way I pass and shove the dresser with my shoulder just as it moves out of the way 4 men fall into the room my 3 soldiers and the father they all jump up and we begin to bombard the beast the game is at a standstill for 5 turns before we start to turn the tides and push the beast back all of us begin to get crits for the next 7 turns and the beast misses every attack and gets hit with all of ours it takes two turns after that and we take the beast down but not before losing a soldier and another one getting badly hurt. once this encounter end the session ends and I level up twice and am told repeatedly by the DM that I should not have survived that encounter and it was at this point that I learned that the DM had been trying to teach the party a lesson about how you shouldn't split up the party he pulled me aside and told me it hadn't been personal and that because I was new to D&D and had survive he was going to give me some better stuff than he usually did as a reward after that I went home and we didn't have any more sessions for a month because the DM was out of town once he got back we set up a time for the next session (the last session acually) but found out that the warlock had moved away and couldn't be there anymore and the ranger couldn't make it so at the next session me and the paladin went on a side quest where we took a whole battalion to a theives den and took them out and just like before the party split up or in this case the paladin ran off while I got left behind the battalion once the battalion was in all inside taking everything down I got in at that point I was going door to door trying to find the paladin during my search I found one of the soldiers that helped me with the beast and three other soilders who agreed to follow me as we continued to search we came to a door that was locked so we busted it down. inside the room we saw three men and us being the naive soilders we were we attacked them little did we know that one of them was the theives leader as we started the attack we took out two of them easy but the last one was taking longer he was rolling low but was taking awhile to die once we brought him to what we thought was low health he started taking us down on his first turn on low health he killed two of the soldiers and knocked out another one as I saw things going wrong I decided I'd need more help so I turned around and saw 5 more soldiers running down the hallway the opposite way I yelled for help but they didn't hear me so the last soldier with me told me to go get help and he'd hold the leader off so I turned and ran for the to 5 soldiers as I did the leader pulled out a bomb and threw it at my feet which killed me instantly but as a lasl ditch effert I called on my god to save me to which he granted my wish because earlier in the game I had converted 100 people to my faith so as I come back to life I saw my left arm,right hand on fire I saw the last soldier dead and the theives leader nealing on the ground from exhaustion so I pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the back before collapsing from exhaustion when I woke up again I was back at the castle on a bed I was told that my right hand would never work again and my left arm would need years to heal. It was here the the session ended and never got to play again I'd like to play again but I've never been given a chance to play that campaign or any others sadly

(sorry for the lack of information it has been a long time sense I played but I wanted to share this)


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