My first campaign with friends.

A group of three half elves and a half orc crash a party, emphasis on CRASH


I was running a classic D&D campaign with some of my best friends. My Dm was an awesome guy from high school and we’d known each other for years, I brought along my lifelone neighbor, and a good friend at the time (whos now my fiance') 

it was a low level introduction because my boyfriend hadnt played Dungeon and Dragons before and we wanted to start out kinda mellow. my neighbor was playing a half-elf Monk, my partner decided to play as himself, a half-elf Bard, and to shore up our numbers the DM was adding in a half-elf Fighter as guide and support. 

With ALL that pomp and circumstsnce, i felt it was my duty as a player to shake things up a bit. i rolled with a half-orc BARBARIAN. To add to the chaos i played my character, Grung, as true chaotic.  Any time i was given a choice i would roll 2d10 as % to see if my lumberjng slab of meat enjoyed or hated it. 

Fast forwards through the introductions, and we are exploring an abandoned mine, turned goblin nest. Our monk friend explores a suspicious room, with s big red button in the middle.  The Bard doesnt think its a good idea to push it, the Monk HAS to know, and the Barbarian just likes standing behind people.

the button is pushed, the door slams shut and an ambush of 2 goblins fall from trap doors in the ceiling.  The monk uses his turn to push the button AGAIN, and now its an amush of 4 goblins. 

All the goblins go, the monk is down, and its up to Grung to clean up the mess. By the end of the fight, Monk is dying, the door is locked with a timer, and now big Orc, with -1 INT modifier had to perform medical. THANKFULLY he stops the bleeding, but does 3 more points of damage to his friend. 

Later on in the dungeon, we find the more "lived in" areas of the mine, where the goblins and Ogres are fighting over resources. (and have the goblins stuffed into trap door traps) but my guy Grung doesnt just want to fight. he wants to SURPRISE ogres. For reasons. he sneaks up to a door and knocks. (hard for an 8 foot slab of muscle and iron to be sneaky, but he tries anyway) the first door theres no answer, second, there is s little grumbling, but the THIRD interrupts an argument. 

"OI! get tha' door ya worthless cur!" The ogre commands, little scampers and scratching along the stone floor were all the clues Grung needed. 

The DM gives me the look of "what ARE you planning" moments before i announce"im kicking the door down." 

The wood is rotten and disused, when i kick the door down, I litterally kicked the door down. i flatten the poor goblin against the floor, and the shock of seeing an 8 foot tall hulk of a barbarian filling the door frame set the group up with an easy victory. 

We and I mean the Elves decide that its a good idea to try and interrogate the goblin about the layout of the rest of the dungeon. see if they knew any points of interest. But being knocked out was a little problematic. so we tied the fellow up, slung him over Grung's massive shoulders, and continued to the next door. 

This one was SLIGHTLY more sturdy then the last. it was unlikely that it would pop off its hinges, so Grung knocked, and waited, knocked and heard grumblings, knocked and heard footsteps from an Ogre, and waited. The doorknob turned and THEN Grung kicked down the door, the heavy steel bands creaked as the door swung freely, mashing the unexpecting Ogre into the hard stone wall, smashing its nose and cranium at the same time. Another Surprise round, and another quick victory. On our way to the boss of the dungeon, our Goblin friend finally woke up, confused and affraid of where he was and why he wasnt being punished. 

Grung had a way with words. "me not want to smash ALL goblins, big heads force you to fight. So we take you, you help us find BIG head." 

Taken aback the goblin shrubk onto the tightly coiled lenght of rope binding him "Thats the nicest thing anyones ever done for me!" 

At that point we unanimously decided we were gojng to rescue this broken and loyal Goblin. We defeated the final boss with the help of the biggest cast-iron door anyones ever SEEN, and took the Stolckhome Goblin home with us. He earned a level in Rogue, and we gave him some basic poisons we found in the dungeon. 


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