My First DND Experience – Danith


So, This is the story of my first true experience to DND. I was exposed to it once when was younger, and always had a mild interest but it wasn’t until last year (2019) from watching an Youtube campaign.  

I was invited by an friend of mine, who was the Tortoise Drunken-Fist Monk over to join there game. I won’t really go into dialogue or rolls, as I don’t recall that stuff. This is more just exposing my interesting story.

I only ever got to play up to total of 2 to 4 sessions, before a outside interference wouldn’t let me join in any further, the person who owned the place and wasn’t involved in the game. Those who was playing could not do much about that. It is unrelated to the GM or Players who postively enjoyed my company while was there.

The campaign was sea setting, starting off aboard the ship of Captain Crumb.

The Party consisted of Huigi the Tortoise Drunken-Fist Monk, Sara the Asimar Gunslinger, Talley the Gnome and Haiden the Human Sorcerer. Than there was myself, I only had passing knowledge from watching DND Campaign on YouTube. I was the ‘Neutral Evil’ Drow Necromancer (Death Domain Cleric) Drake Nekrosan. Rather absurd character concept for an sea adventure, but I made it work with the DM and made it plausible. Necromancers are one of my favorite classes, I was more in pursuit for one of those good necromancers and there Neutral elements were more at play.

Drake Nekrosan was the Enthusiastic, Charming, Cunning, Eccentric, Considerate, Devious, Collect and Meek Introvert with Anxiety, Level of Greediness and Blunt at times. Their perception of evil as subjective loose term that was nothing more than a label. They were quite the oddball, Lastly like myself, they were autistic.

So firstly the background, this ties into why the drow was on ship with bunch strangers, rather than down in the underdark, although it never ended up making it fully into the story. Drake was one of the sons of a famous drow marine captain and his cleric drow wife of the ‘Dark Arrow’ Crew. Ones who adventured far across the lands. Drake was enlisted as marine by his father and given access to large vast supply of cleric knowledge from his mother. They came across books about necromancy and became dedicated to the pursuit with wholesome idealistic stand point of the prospect of undead allies who would follow him and wouldn’t judge him, wanting to pursue it in a respectful manner.

Although unimportant, He had friendly connections with people of narrowcreek port. Alongside that in the underdark his family the ‘nekrosans’ have an high reputation, due to the rare fact that Lolth bestowed Drake, a male drow, said cleric position, giving him level of welcomeness and respect in all drow societies, his family name well known and ‘respected’. Upon adulthood he was gifted an locked chest, the chest was enchanted so that only a companion could be able to unlock it and only by means of hidden special key hidden somewhere. He also was bestowed his own crew, setting forth to traverse the sea, only for the crew to be effectfully ambushed and slaughtered by an unknown dark force, with only by pure luck, cowardice and stealth Drake escaped the same fate arriving at a nearby port and entering the next ship to arrive and leave. 

So the tale truly begans after an aquatic ambush, in which drake had spent that fight while others were above due to the sunlight sensitivity spent mending the holes the aquatics made down below the ship as the scared crew witnessed this, arriving above with cheers and gaining the respect of Captain Crumbs, even calling them an comrade. Drake had also in that time became friendly acquantices with Haiden, Friendship with Huigi, Friendly connection with Sara and associated comradeship with Talley. It wasn’t strong bond but enough for them to care enough.

The ship had docked and the party had just arrived at a city, so there was sometime to spend growing connections. While others did there things, I had taken the time to acquantice myself with blacksmith family. Now some context is that drake was seeking for protection after their traumatic experience, and hasn’t done anything remotely evil, more just growing connections. They were about to get back to the tavern when DM encouraged maybe seeking out another connection. 

So Drake Nekrosan, Casually walks up to a noble’s house and conversed to the guards they were seeking to provide assistance than bluntly exclaimed they were a Cleric of the Death Domain. So as can figure for a low level drow necromancer exclaiming they can raise the dead ever so casual (lacks knowledge that the raising of dead removes spirits from their plane and leaves them in unfortunate postition), several guards are now preparing them like threat, so upon realization that was stupid they in panic exchange of cleverness bring up their connection to Captain Crumbs. 

Thanks to some good rolls and roleplay outright avoiding death doorstep. They get walked to the tavern and saved for now, albeit slight dissociation from Captain Crumb, Having granted limited area of allowance, ‘sleeping’ on the ship, and implied spending the time before the impromptu trial working at blacksmith. 

Upon trial, with death door as possiblity, strangely instead of zone of truth which the drow figured would’ve occured and prepared for, instead having suggestion spell cast upon themselves after some questions, exposed their plans of presuing necromancy in the most respectful approuch they can achieve although lacking the capablity to do turn undead at the time, in which they are promptly told further details about necromantic arts. They than try to inform about the dangers they encountered but are promptly cut off as moved away

Some of the party tries to plead for Drake sake, since they hadn’t done anything wrong at all beyond ‘exploring necromancy’, alas it is informed it would take level of authority that would take time to gain audience with.

Side note is Drake became determined to promptly explore plane-traversal in cold pursuit to utterly destroy their arguements and prove them all wrong by, after their sentence of 5 to 10 years of jailtime, which is nothing more than slap for young adult drow of 100 years was done. Albeit all their supplies were took and redistributed. I feel sorry with whoever got the locked chest. 

That is their story, the story isn’t that long as mentioned 1-4 sessions., but it is pretty great one about how I survived despite the difficulty curve. I even got bonus that they lived to adventure another day and got to play another character. I than became his older drow brother, The Marine Bard/Fighter James Nekrosan, Blonde with red eyes who was supposed to meet his younger brother Drake at this here city and had good reputation with this town associated with the carpenter. The city was interconnected with several others as the ‘holy alliance’. The last thing I got to do before the outside interference was traversing with the party through cave, defeating some monsters and being the best support I could. 

That ends my story. Unable to join further, however for the first experience it was fun, enjoyable and got me into DND moreso.



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