My first dnd game EVER



ok, so before we start the story, I have never played dnd before, and there may be a few things we did wrong in this campaign, as you may notice, and that may be because the dm lives in another country, so we have to play over text. Now to the story!

So my character was named arendal, and he was a aasimar draconic sorcerer, whos parents were killed by a arch devil called bael  masquerading as a false hydra, which i believe is a homebrew monster but im not sure, anyways, what happens with him just may become a whole other story. anyways im off track, the rest of the party members were hazel, a human barbarian who works with her uncle on a caravan, and iris, a elf who is at the point where she is 10 years old mentally, and we saved her from some onis who killed her parents. so in a session we were running around doing quests and side missions to get stronger, and we completed all of them in the area, so we went and found some caves, and we found 2 caves, the first, was filled with demons, and once we get through that, we get a bunch of stuff, the most noteable being two scrolls, one a level 7 scroll, the other level 9, these are important later. we then enter the next cave, which contains a djinn, who tests us to see if we are worthy, and once we passed all the tests, we gained access to even MORE loot, and good stuff to, like healing scrolls, some rings, and stuff I don’t even understand, and one of the rings was a wish ring with three wishes on it, i will write a story on what happens with that after this, anyways,we also got some scrolls of time stop and meteor swarm. after that, we left and our dm told us that we had enough stuff that we could probably stand a chance against the boss of the area, which was Supposedly for when we reached level 15 (we were level 7 at the time) so we went for it, I forgot to ask what it was, and when we crested the hill which the boss was on the other side of, we saw a tarrasque, now I would like to say I didn’t question my sanity in game and out of it, but that would be a big fat lie, because i did that for maybe two minutes before responding “ is that what I think it is?” and when he said yes, I asked, how the freaking heck do we kill a tarrasque? thats when I remembered the buttload of scrolls we had and my problem of killing things with lightning bolts, ( in the last session I took down a whole towns worth of baddies with a major image, and two lighting bolts) and then in my head I told myself to just keep on casting, and so I began the battle with meteor storm and found out the two scrolls I found earlier were forsight and prismatic ray, i cast all of those scrolls in my turn, and the tarrasque can’t move, probably because of the prismatic ray, the rest of my party members attack, they deal a lot of damage, it comes around to me again, I then use my racial ability radiant soul for extra damage and cast lighting bolt, I then used the scroll of stop time, and then cast lightning bolt and burning hands a bunch, and then the thing, to everyones disbelief, drops dead.

and the game still isn’t over, everyone else cast their wish, but I have a plan for mine,but I havent been able to cast mine yet, but once i do, you know that I will tell all about it.  Bye!


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