My first DnD session

My first E5 game was tonight over discord.

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my first Game was tonight. I’m not completely new to the world of Dnd, my experience is very different then most. I played a game lets call it A.J.R.P. a Larp based off of E3 books that was started 30+ years ago now. I’ve played for 10 years now. but with my growning family it was time to step away from the expensive hobby. So I looked up everything Dnd. I finally found a discord group willing to give me a shot. I got all the apps, read up all the history, and built my Character.  

Cha the star eyed

ChaCha for friends. She is a Changeling cleric. Most of the time she appears as a 30 something blonde human woman. She looks real simple no weapons apparent and a long green cape that covers most of her body. 

we start, we have a shifty rogue, an orc barbarian, and a aasimar paladin. a member who couldn’t join us and Me.

the Dm starts us with mysterious notes calling us all together, and a a ride through the snow in a caravan. the others are chatting and getting to know each other, while I write furious notes on everything they say. when the wheel breaks on the caravan. Our driver steps down and takes a look when zombies start to raise out of the snowy grounds.  the party steps out (roll initiative) Im placed second in line and think of what to do. the rogue runs in with a long sword and attacks. 13! it hits we are just level 1 and the DM wants us to have a easy first encounter. my turn. “How far away are the dead?” “your about 15 feet away.” “I hold my action.”  now the others know Im new to all this and rolling their eyes on the otherside of the screen. The barbarian goes, the paladin, the zombies, and the rogue again.  Everyone gets some good hits in on both sides.  my turn “Can I examine the Dead?” “Roll a perception check” “16? so I add my wisdom and then my perception right?” groans form the others, the DM smiled at me. “yes” “21 then.” everyone is a little taken back but happy my first roll was so good. the DM goes through and explains in great detail everything about the zombies and one seems to have some undead foratued. I nod, “thats my turn.” the others start in on the murder hobo. another round goes by, our Ocr barbarian is asking if anyone can Heal him. I being the Cleric should do this, but I see it as only 2 rounds in and 4 enemy’s still up decided not to do as he asked.  the party manged the next round to get 3 of the zombies down. I used my last turn on an insight check on our Driver, as he had been wearing a range weapon but didn’t attack, the Dm privately messaged me the details with my roll of 19. The party is a little worst for wear and looking for me to provide add, I do not. my turn comes around again. “I would like to walk in front of the Big Dead.” by doing so I cut off the other members of my party. this pissed the paladin off because he has been going on and on about how he will be a hero of song. ” I would like to hit him.” “roll your hit”……I smile NAT 20 with weapon proficiency  plus my strength modifier I get 26 on my only hit.  the DM  lets me discribe my hit. “ChaCha reaches behind her and pulls out an old iron Shovel, grips it in her hand ls and whisper “rest” and hits it in the head.” the hit takes him down. the DM is laughing hysterically. The other in the party keep asking “she hit it with what!”  We can see them going back through are pervious chats. I’m smiling to myself. I only ever commented and would only ask some questions here or there other wise there is no info about me on the chat. “I would like to gather the bodies and start digging of a little into the woods.” The DM grants me this and side with the snow and the hard ground it takes a while but I get 4 shallow graves. I pray and ask the Traveler to guide them. and come back to the party.  I cast Healing word and gave everyone 12 points.  “I suggest we rest for the night inside the caravan. it is dark and we will not be able to make repairs.”  they all agree and we take a long rest. we will start again next time.

When everyone else was talking over chat all week and showing off their characters sheet I was pming the Dm. He knows some of my Rl larping friends, he has been told that when I get something in my head I will find out everythong about it. I built the PERFECT GRAVE CLERIC. He was the only one that knew anything about my character. ChaCha was a Grave Cleric with The Traveler on her side, her trusted shovel, and she has a misson.


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