My Healer Makes The Situation Infinitely Worse

I should note that this is an urban fantasy setting, and our characters all had their own problems, including a hot angry dragon sister.


Ok, so this is us playing the FATE system in an urban fantasy setting, with my character being a Tainted (the closest I could make myself to being a Tiefling, because my last character was basically an Aasimar) by the name of Richard Black.

Richard was a masters student in medicine, had basically only one social skill (essentially just insight), a few combat skills (though he was big on not doing the combat thing) and magic more made to be a healer than a damage dealer. He also had contacts in Exodus (Which, if any of my group is watching, will immediately know who is talking), which is basically Hell Incorporated. 

I had a habit of making what I referred to as "The character which every hardcore show holds a gun to the head of, to kill them the second someone doubts how hardcore the show was" They tend to be young, or friendly or just generally not nearly as dickish as other characters, due to both my inexperience at RPing and my own anxiety. A lot of my characters tended to be neutral good or true neutral, because I don't like playing evil characters. But I'm getting off track.

Our party consisted of: a Seer who had some connections, a pure-mortal, Richard, a literal dragon and a Nephilim (basically an angel and demon's love child). All of our characters had problems and issues, but most were self-contained, most were easy to deal with, like the Nephilim's ability to run into everyone who he had ever slept with, and our dragon's hot dragon sister. Most of those issues were not those that Richard caused.

Ok, so we are a couple of sessions into the campaign, there is a magic plague going around, two of the players, myself and a Nephilim, both have this disease, but demonic ancestry gives us resistance to this disease. (Yes, this campaign was at the time of the Coronavirus outbreak, in case you were wondering.)

The situation was developing, and we were getting to the bottom of it, though I should note that it was somewhat simple. We knew OOC that the Council (basically douchebag wizards) were also involved in this situation, but we didn't know how they were.

After the first session he was in, (My basically Aasimar paladin was heavy infected and currently in quarantine) my character was left back into containment, (essentially being used to see how the plague affected other members of the supernatural community) and was bunked with a literal vampire. Who wasn't eating her blood bags, I was concerned for her both IC and OOC, and I decided to try to convince the vampire to eat her blood. 

The thing was, I was trying to appeal to her sense of empathy as one of her sisters was a PC, and I didn't want her to suffer. But I poorly phrased my attempt to convince her. It was basically phrased as a threat. And Richard was like a 5 foot eight had no muscles and didn't look even remotely hard, he looked like some average office worker. Needless to say, I fucked up, hard.

The Vamp laughed in my face, threw a pillow at me and then broke out of containment. The player in charge of containment had to call the vampire's OTHER sister, who was the local crime boss.

I was given the command to get her back. (And I have to pause to state something about FATE, we have character 'Aspects', a 'Trouble' and a 'High Concept'. My character's Trouble was "Ignoring the looming issue" which referred to Exodus. A quick note is that players and the DM can invoke these Aspects whenever they feel like it, the player invocations at subject to DM veto and a player can spend a FATE point to resist them) My DM invoked my trouble to basically say "You know who could help you with this." which was his way of saying, "Contact the person you know in Exodus" (I hadn't spent my FATE points to resist, because I had no real reasoning in my head for WHY Richard wouldn't make use of the one person he had the personal phone number to.)

He called his demonic parent, who was his mother, a succubus named Justina, and he asked for help locating the vampire and bringing her back to him. Though he had to do a favour for her in return.

Here was the problem though, I had forgotten that Hell Incorporated, as I had taken to calling them, did have hit squads and because I forgot to specify 'alive' and 'immediately' I knew it was one of them who would be knocking down the door first.

You're probably wondering where this vampire went, well, she was walking around at night and ran into a wizard of the Council, who basically took her into his facility to research the plague. We initially learned this OOC when the PC sister, who was a mortal and a seer, had a vision of where the vampire was. I had called my demon parent to specify 'alive' but not 'immediately.'

In case you're wondering who my mother called to find the vampire, it was her contact within the city, who was a PC I had already met, because the universe loves to just gut punch me sometimes.

I should note that this was all in ONE session. Either way, I got a major faction involved (and was accused of getting the Council involved as well)

I could tell how his favour panned out, but that would only be at request, and I'm not the best storyteller out there.


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