My Lizardfolk druid and his adventure so far

The story of my Lizardfolk's journey so far in a weird campaign


Hi my name is Diego and I’ve been playing dnd for about 3 to 4 years now. The campaign that I’m in right now has just started with around only 4 sessions in, an hour a piece, has been so much fun. I am playing a Lizardfolk druid. The rest of the party is comprised of a kenku rogue who I will call John, human rogue who I’ll call Judas, elf rogue who I’ll call Luke, a rogue of which I don’t remember the race who I’ll call Mark, a half orc barbarian who I will call Daniel, and a Goliath Barbarian who I’ll call Mathew. So at the beginning of the first session we had a four person party which were John, Mathew, a half elf ranger(who was Luke before he lost his character sheet so is now an elf rogue), and me. So John and I decide that we already know each other so we wake up in a shared room and we decide to go get some ale in our system. We go down to the tavern and buy 5 gallons of ale each and the kenku gets hammered while I just put them up in our room and I have a mug of ale, we introduce ourselves to the rest of the party and find out that our mission is to assassinate the leader of an enemy king, that we’re at war with, within 30 days or we’ll be assassinated ourselves. so we head over to the smith shop and Mathew convinces him to give us each a free weapon. then we go out to go hunt and Luke goes to shoot a deer twice and gets two nat ones and the dm say, ” you see both curve up into the air.” then I set John, who’s still hammered, on a tree branch and with his short bow he rolls a nat twenty and snipes the deer. When we walk up to the deer to clean it the dm says, “Everyone make roll perception.” Everyone but Mathew fails the roll and the dm says, “You see Luke’s arrows from earlier coming straight down at you.” Mathew told us all to watch out and all of us had to roll a dex save all of us passed except for John, who took one arrow to the foot, being knocked out in the process. So I picked him up and put him in my back pack. We then went back to the tavern and went to sleep ending the first session. In the second session Mark and Daniel joined and we decided that we should look at the quest board to see if there was anything interesting. We saw there was a quest to kill 4 goblins. We decided to take on this quest. We spent the whole session looking and didn’t find one goblin. So we decided to go back to the tavern and rest so that tomorrow we could start our four day trip to the enemy city, which is full of dragonborns, ending the session. In the third session Luke lost his character so he started using an old character and deleveled him to level 1, who was an elf rogue, and Judas, my friend, joined as a lawful evil human rogue, the lawful evil part is important. I also did a bad. I downloaded a new dnd 5e app and transfered my character over and accidentally add a baby wolf as a companion without asking the dm. The dm told me that as soon as it left my side it would be smited. So we start the session and Luke introduces himself and when it’s time for Judas to introduce himself, he says, ” I’m not going to the party yet.” and the dm just rolls with it. So we, the party, decided to start our trip to the city of dragonborns, and Judas decided he’s going to follow us in the shadows. so the first day of random encounters is uneventful until we decide to stop to take a long rest and that’s when he decided to strike. So the party decided to take watch shifts. I took the first watch, my baby wolf took the second, because John said he didn’t want a shift, Daniel took the third, Mathew took the fourth, and Luke took the fifth and final shift. Nothing happens while I’m watching but as soon as my baby wolf switches with me, Judas takes him out. I tried to save him by rolling perception for him but only got a 14 compared to Judas’ 17 + 7 in stealth. so He picked up my baby wolf and punted him 40ft away and killed him on contact. the dm smirked and said, ” let’s see what happens to the baby wolf now that it’s been kicked away from you.” he did a random element generator and basically said that the party woke up to the earth around us shaking and seeing my wolf get crushed by two rocks to the point where there were no remains. Judas got away without being noticed as well making it even worse. The session ended there and I was actually kind of. sad about how that baby wolf died. The fourth session started with us picking up camp and with us heading off on our second day of random encounters. So after the smashing of my wolf last session, there has been an increase of floating rocks. So we encounter this a giant floating rock with a hole on the bottom with light coming out of it. So Luke decides to use a rope to climb up into the whole. When he gets up there he finds a giant spider which strikes fear in the elf, who quickly climbs down and runs towards the rest of the group. Sadly he didn’t lose the giant spider first. So this is like the first real combat of the campaign and we’re all level one. So after all of us horribly fail to kill the spider before combat begins we roll initiavite. So Mark gets koed in one hit, Daniel and I get stuck in a web cause we both failed a strength save, and Luke was on low health. Praise the gods that Mathew was there because he single handedly killed the spider. So after the spider died I passed my strength check and broke Daniel and I out of the web. After that the top of the floating rock exploded and a stone draft horse jumped down and I used animal handling on it. I got to keep it, so I named it Roach. Then we took a long rest and continue onto the third day of random encounters. So we saw a cave entrance that had skeletons embedded into the sides. So Daniel had the smart idea to walk in alone. As soon as he was inside the cave entrance collapsed and three skeletons surrounded him. He was able to damage one a little bit before being koed. Once he was knocked out the cave entrance rebuilt itself and  I road Roach into the cave and I picked up Daniel and threw him out before the cave entrance collapsed. I got off of Roach, who has a ac of 20, and pulled out my scimitar. I attacked the skeleton that was already damaged with my scimitar then as a bonus action I bit it dealing the final blow to that skeleton. the other two skeletons were unable to hit roach and I so soon it was roaches turn in which he donkey kicked a skeleton leaving it barely alive. then it was my turn. So I turned around and got a nat 20 to hit and killed the second skeleton with one slash of my scimitar. Then I bit the final skeleton end it’s life as well. then we ran out of time so the session ended there.


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