My rolls

I rolled the states for my character and choose poorly.


When I was creating one of my characters I rolled the stats before I created the character. I did have a character in mind but I could have changed that before I finalized my decision. I rolled a 15 a 10 a 12 a 16 a 14 and a 6. Now I could have made some really amazing characters with those stats, but I wanted a bard. I could have put the 16s I rolled in strength and charisma and made int or wisdom his dump stat. I also could have simply chosen a different class and took the 6 in a stat I didn’t need or wouldn’t use. But apparently I wanted this to be difficult for my self and I made Strength my dump stat.

Now to help out with that I choose to be a half-orc giving me a new grand total of 8 for my strength. I put the 12 in my Dex score put 10 in wisdom and 14 into Int. Both my Con and Charisma were 16. Oh, I know that I would have a far better character if the 15 was in Dex, and 14 in Con and 12 in int, but I chose to make it difficult on my self. Now I had a character that couldn’t hit, can’t dodge, but at least he can cast a spell. By level 8 I put all my stat points into Charisma and had maxed it to 20. Had I done things differently, I could have been a bard of valor with a Str of and 20 and charisma of 17 by the same level or even str of 17 and charisma 20. I chose to be a bard of lore and our party’s primary healer. Yeah, I chose everything poorly and made the character to be something he’s not designed to be.

Now I could have chosen cure wounds, but now I needed to stay away from the front line of battle so I chose healing word. It took until level 6 before I was able to take any really good healing spells and I chose . . . Healing spirit right? Nope, I chose Aura of vitality. Actually both spells heal the same and both spells use a bonus action, but healing spirit has the potential to heal more, again I chose poorly.

But you know what? I believe that I had far more fun with these choices than I would have with a character that would have been able to be on the front line with everyone else.


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