Narrated DnD Story: How We Infiltrated A Demon’s Party Just Because I Wanted My One Gold Back

That was quick thinking at its best!



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I am in a group playing a Tiefling warlock with a human paladin, and our DM. That session we were missing our human monk and our halfling cleric due to real life reasons so we went ahead with the session as a duo.

We are in hell, helping my Patron kill one of her competitors. This competitor is one of the bad guys we ran into a while ago and we wanted him dead because he is a demon and a pretty awful one at that. It is a win-win situation. What could go wrong?

My patron tells us that there is no magic allowed to be cast within most parts of the palace where the party is being held. We however get strong magic disguises that will work for two hours before they will run out. We also get a dagger with a soul gem to trap his soul.

The paladin becomes my human slave and slightly changes his appearance. I become a greater demon who owns said slave. I may have awoken something inside of myself because I rather enjoyed shackling the paladin and dragging him around. But that is for me to look into later.

The paladin begrudgingly agrees to our plan because in the end it will be worth it.

We go to the palace and our disguises work perfectly. The guards let us enter without question. Security was increased for the party and demon guards were everywhere as you would expect. The palace is busy with demons, adorned in gold and macabre trinkets. A loud chorus of cheers echoes down the palace halls and I head toward the origin with my slave in tow.

In the center of the palace is a battle arena for fighters to entertain the demons. The winner of the fight gets gold or a private audience with our target. I sign my “slave” up for the fights. The paladin agrees without hesitation, thinking he can clap some demon cheeks.

He says something to me and another greater demon shoots me a weird look for letting my slave speak so freely. So I slapped the paladin across the face. Hard. The paladin glowers at me and stares daggers at the greater demon.

“Apparently this one is too stupid to learn his lesson the first time,” I said to the other greater demon and motioned for it to dispense its own punishment. The greater demon reels back and slaps the paladin across the face. It sounded like a thunderclap and the echoes of the slap were louder than the cheering demons.

I am thoroughly enjoying this.

The paladin is red faced from the handprint and his seething anger.

The Paladin steps in the ring and is ready to fight some demons but his opponent is another human slave

Not wanting to hurt the other human, the paladin tries to grapple his opponent into submission.

A demon standing beside me is taking bets, so I tell him, “The Paladin is mine, here’s one gold.” My last gold.

The paladin got an arm around his opponent’s neck and applied pressure, choking the other slave into unconsciousness. He dropped the slave to the ground to some rather unimpressed clapping from the demons watching.

I ask the demon to get my winnings.

The demon replies sarcastically, “Which winnings? You just gave me one gold. You did not say you wanted to place a bet.”

You filthy, vile, cheating bastard.

Round two.

The Paladin does the same with his next opponent and wins. The crowd is growing bored since there is no gore. There are a number of boos from the demons.

The demon I placed a 'bet' with before asks if I can make my slave fight to the death for 200 gold so he can get more bets.

I ask him for 201 gold, because i want my 'one gold' back.

He agrees.

I take the Paladin apart and tell him with a worried face. “You gotta kill the next contender, it is a fight to the death. It is either you or your opponent. They aren't happy with choking them out. They need blood.”

I win my deception check with ease.

The Paladin goes in, but he is hesitant.

The arena is held aloft by a large pedestal that stands in the center of a pit of laval. I catch the paladins eye and throw a look and gesture toward the edge of the arena.  

The Paladin hesitates again but knows this is the only way to get close to our target. He stomps the other slave, picks him up, and tosses him over the railing. The slave screams all the way down before hitting the lava with a sharp hiss.

The demons go wild.

I get my 201 gold from the demon and we went to collect our prize, 1500 gold OR a private meeting with the target.

We choose private meeting with the target.

We enter his room. The DM tells me I can feel my patron’s influence. I probe out, testing whether I can feel the magic. And like an old friend, it is there for me.

The target sits across the room at the head of a long table.

My Paladin slave and I take a seat on the opposite end of the table.

Dinner is carried out on golden platters stacked with meats, and bowls of congealed blood. I 'allow' my slave to eat. Winners earn that right.

The target swallows a mouthful of lamb and says he is interested in my slave.

I tell him he can have him if he wants, as a gift.

He nods, as if expecting that would have been my response. After all, this demon gets what he wants. He stands up, thankful for my generous gift and walks around the table to take a better look at his new slave.

He stands behind the paladin’s chair and places a hand on the Paladin’s shoulder. “I have a great many uses for you,” the demon bends low and whispers into the paladin’s ear.

I look at the paladin, who temporary removes his disguise to show his real face.

The demon reels back in surprise.

I laugh and cast Silence where the target is standing.

The paladin spins out of the chair, knocking it to the floor. He spears the demon, taking him to the floor. Drawing the knife encrusted with the soul gem, the paladin starts stabbing the demon in a blind rage. He channels all of the rage he had built up towards me and the demons for making him fight and kill in the arena.

The paladin picks himself up off of the demon who is absolutely covered in blood. The soul gem is now pulsing with energy, confirming that the soul of the demon had been captured.

Mission accomplished.

We conveniently have a  scroll of major image that we picked up earlier in the campaign and cast the spell.

We create the image of the demon sitting in his chair at the head of the table. He summons his guards and tells them to give me 3000 gold as prize money and then to leave him alone for the rest of the night.

The guards are stupid and believe every word.

I saunter out of the palace with a shackled paladin in tow.

Mission successful, and I made some extra gold on the side for myself. Let's hope the Paladin will never find out, or I am definitely next on his list.

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