Need A DM Friend To Help With My First Gameplay

im the DM for our first game and all my friends that are into dnd are players, which leaves with no one to discuss story lines or plot changes with, Need advice ;)


 soo im going to write my storyline so far and if anyone wants to give their thoughts they can comment and im hoping we can discuss more ideas too ๐Ÿ˜‰

in the land of Mindora, mayhem spreads through the land like fire. Man has conquered and overpopulated most of the magical population and this wasnt a problem untill the king hired 2 new army generals. Since than, man is tring to convert magic to only their religion. While this is happeneing forests burn, rivers are poisoned and storms rage on, the local magical folk say that the gods are angry at the new kings actions and is punishing us for it, while the king continues his attack with no sign of stopping…

our characters are a halfling (female) that is the youngest in the group and feels like she has to prove herself, a half elf (male)that has decided to leave his library to help others and to research the strange happenings and finally his half elf companion (female) a ranger/rogue that is very concerned about the wildlife and the fate of the land.

the first challenge out heroes faced was while travelling through the forest they stopped a nobleman and his thugs from burning the forest and killed them. while looking through their belongings they find a quest by the king “anyone who brings an end to the gods mayhem will recieve all the tresure and riches they desire”. then they come across a mutated and poisonous beast. Instead of attacking the poor beast they helped it and it turns out to be the godess of nature “Azura”. For healing her (not fully but enough to regain her strength) she tells them that the king is poisoned and being controlled by one of the new army generals and all the rivers and forests are getting ill by the same poison which is killing her slowly. she advises the heros to go look for her sister Avandra godess of trickery to help them find the one poisoning the land. 

They find Avandra and she put the heroes though a challenge of riddles to prove their wisdom, they win and she gifts them the map of tunnels under the land where she suspects the enemy is hiding and spreading the poison without getting caught. she also tells them the poison is too strong for even her. To kill this enemy they will need to retreive an artifact of purification from the temple of Azura. the heroes travell through the forest to the temple, not using the tunnels for they are far too active and the poison is too strong. 

they are surprised to find the temple of Azura is being used as a war base by a strong war general Castiello. outside they find a group of rebels that want to free the temple and their people being held captive by the army and war general. 

thats the story so far…

one of my first ideas is to give the halfling player a big role in this quest to get the artifact becasue she is a theif and she wants to proove herself to the others. i was thinking that the heroes have to struggle between helping the rebels and retreiving the artifact. the rebels have a small army and the odds of them winning against Castiellos army is very small, but the heroes also need them so the they can retrieve the artifact. So i thought a good plot twist would be if they help the rebels they might get hurt but the pay off would be big, but if they choose to use the rebels for their own needs and escape with the artifact then the Azura temple burns and the godess dies as well which makes the goddess Avandra try to punish the heroes. 

another idea was that the rebels really want to kill Castiello but the heroes want him alive to question him about the king and the enemy that is spreding the poison. So do they help the rebels kill Castiello or rescue Castiello from the rebels for  their own interest?

another idea was that if they choose to use the tunnels to get into the temple of Azura that they find a secret room where they find an potions lab and test subjects being tested with poison. if they try to save the prisoners they will have to battle with the enemy (they cant kill him without the artifact) so if they battle and manage to escape they get the spellbook from him, if they lose they become one of the prisoners and possibly die as well. 

last idea i had was that when they get past the army and get to the temple to retreive the artifact that there is a mutant spirit (affected by the poison) in a fit of rage defends the artifact and cureses one of the characters to turn into stone, and the only way to save him is by defeating the spirit and useing the purification artifact on their teamate but if they kill the spirit the gods will not help them anymore, but if they take the artifact and leave they will lose a teamate.

Yeah know its a lot, but i have many ideas… so far my friends really enjoy having me as a DM but i fear i am going too easy on them and i havent given them a big challenge yet. so thats what im trying to do..

thank you for reading this far and would deeply appreciate any advice, tips or comments ๐Ÿ™‚


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