Never give a necklace to a female ettin!

After we gave her the necklaces that is when we discovered what a horrible mistake we had made.


This story is perhaps the best D&D story I have. A little backstroy that led up to this to help understand what we were doing. Our party which consisted of a Lizardfold Druid (Me), A Human Wizard, a Assimir Cleric, A goliath Barbarian and a Goblin Barbarian, had been exploring some long lost dwarven runis and had come across an obelisk  in a room. The wizard identifed it as an obelisk of teleportation which made most of the party treat it with caution. I say most as my Durid was naturally curious and when up to touch it to see where it would teleport me only to find it teleported everyon in the room and mad us switch tables and DM’s with the other game going on in the room who also found an obelisk. (The two dm had been planning this the crafty sneaks.)

A quick toung lashing from my fellow party members both in and out of character and we found ourselves in a huge dome area with a sky that was split into 3 terrains. A desert, a rocky spiked area and a swamp that had half a pirate ship sticking out of the wall. After exploring and teaming up with the pirates to help them find some lost crew we discoved the way out in the center another obelisk would need 3 magic stones to activate it. We went into the rocky area where we found a large building made out of these rock spikes and went in to find two ettins a male and a female that were married.

As it turned out they were fairly friendly and had one of the stones we were looking for so we negoiated and offered to trade for it with some nick naks we had on us. The wizard then offered  the female ettin a necklace he got off a drow we once killed and me seeing this offered my necklace of teeth from things i had killed to her as well. After we gave her the necklaces that is when we discovered what a horrible mistake we had made. As it turns out in ettin culter when you offer a necklace to a female you are pretty much asking them to marry you. Her husband flew into a rage and attacked us but we were able to dispach of him eventually. 

After the battle we had to come up of a plan to deal with perdicament that we got ourselved into. Luckily the wizard had an idea as he ushered us out and said to the female ettin that we’d be right back. We were all confused as he didn’t tell us his plan until we got outside as he shot three fire bolts into the air and yelled “RUN!!!!” which we did not hesitate as we realised what he had done. Now you see the fire bolt’s were a signal to our pirate friends that we made. One fire bolt meant we found some of their men here. Two was to send help to here but three was a special one. Three meant fire the mortar at this location! One dex save later and we just bearly avoid the explosion that abosultley leveled ettins house send their body parts flying all over the place. Hands down the best D&D moment i’ve ever played


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