New D&D Players learn things the hard way

My Party is a great lot but new to D&D. This means somethings they have to discover for themselves.


My Party is a great lot but new to D&D. This means somethings they have to discover for themselves.

It started when a friend wanted to run Lost Mines of Phandelver for us and asked for my help as everyone else had never played before. I had read this module a lot while not having a group to play with so I knew it well. First time players were going to be tough so I grabbed what I knew I can roleplay as well as provide support. I brought my High Elf Bard who is working for a criminal organisation as they have his daughter captured. I thought chosing this more serious backstory would help the DM keep the story going.

Session 1 was character creation and a small set-up prequel to set us on the way. This is when I learnt what this party is going to be like. I know our group is fairly meme-y while hanging out normaly but I was not prepared for what was to come.

Our Party consisted of; a High Elf Bard (Myself), a Half-Elf Storm Sorcerer, a Wood Elf Nature Cleric, a Tiefling Druid and a Half-Orc Barbarian.

Fairly normal until the DM encouraged them to make personality traits. This lead to the Cleric becoming a communist, the Sorcerer having a fascination with daggers, the Druid has to be encouraged to wear clothes and the Barbarian thinks he is a genius. I was the only one with a backstory but I didn't care. I wanted to be the Dad of the group. Just make sure these kids don't kill themselves.

The prequel had us arrive in Neverwinter and meet for the first time by chance. Here we rescue Gundren Rockseeker from kidnappers and, once rescued, he gave us a job to transport a cart from Neverwinter to Phandalin. The Party was great but the Barbarian was talking over the DM while he narrated or while Gundren tried to explain something to us.

So, I did somerhing that most players say is Taboo. I said out loud, as the Barbarian interrupts again, 

I Cast Charm Person on the chatty one

The DM is suprised and asks the Barbarian to make a Wisom saving throw. He rolled a 4 and I explain, out of character, what the spell was.


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