New Dungeons & Dragons Board Game Announced, Will Tie Into Unannounced Adventure

Gale Force Nine to release a brand new Dungeons & Dragons board game later this year.


Coming right in, informs that Gale Force Nine is going to come with a brand new Dungeons & Dragons board game soon. 

Gale Force Nine is presently promoting a new co-operative board game which is totally based on an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons adventure, ICv2 reports. The game has been scheduled to come in August later this year. Gale Force Nine stated at the New York Toy Fair that this new board game will have a $50 price point and can be played by 2-4 players.

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Despite revealing so many details regarding the game, GF9 refrained from giving out the game’s title or any specific details about its gameplay apart from stating that it ties into an upcoming D&D adventure which is due to come out in September this year.

Wizards of the Coast has given it a code name, ‘Broadway’. Going by their trend of giving vague clues about their project, we guess that the game is going to be related to musicals. The board game publisher GF9 also hinted that they might give in more information about the game in June which means Wizards of the Coast is bound to announce the new adventure before then.

Alongside this new mystery board game, Gale Force Nine is all set to release several other D&D products in the market this year which includes licensed model painting kits.

The ‘Adventurers Paint Set’ will contain a paintbrush, paint and a resin miniature. Blair Mackey, GF9’s Brand Manager told ICv2 that the paint sets are specially outlined for players who love to collect Dungeons and Dragons miniatures but haven’t actually tried their hand at painting up until now.

According to confirmed reports, there will be two sets: a starter kit (with 10 colors) and an expansion pack that will feature a larger miniature and 36 colors. Both of these sets will be available for purchase in June.

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GF9 is also going to come out with new reference card decks after releasing their spell card decks. The Monster Manual decks are going to feature important statistics and attacks for various monsters specially designed for dungeons masters who are always on the lookout for cutting down on some of the clutter behind the DM screen.

The company will also release a deck of Magic item cards, perfect for adventurers who come across any kind of loot in a dungeon. They are scheduled to come out in June too.

With all these releases, the second half of 2018 is surely going to awesome!




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