New Release Date Of Stranger Things Season 4 After COVID-19 Delay Inferred By Fans?

After a possible COVID-19 delay of all TV show productions, there is now a reasonably theory behind the new release date of Stranger Things Season 4.

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If you are not living under a rock (at least that way you will still be social distancing), you know that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc upon the world, halting all official work in many countries, including the USA. That also means that production for all TV shows have stopped, thereby pushing their release date for up to months. Recently, a fan has come up with a rather remarkable theory of a specific release date for the fourth season of Stranger Things: 15th of July, 2021.

Original Plans

Originally, season 4 was to be released early next year. Though never officially announced, a member of the cast, David Harbour, revealed in an interview that "although [he doesn't] have authority on this," he thinks it is "supposed to come out early next year." Of course, now with the outbreak of coronavirus, and subsequent lockdown because of it, it is reasonable to say that the release date is bound to be pushed months down the road. Fans shouldn't expect an earlier date, as one year is more or less the time taken to complete production of a season, and since rumors abound as it being the series' last, we can take David's words at face value.

The New Date

With there being, as of yet, no signs of the virus stopping any time soon, it is hard to guess when it would be normal enough for production to begin. If we give a few months for the dust to settle (no pun intended), then we are looking at mid-2021 for the release date. As it so happens, such a date has been inferred by a fan on Reddit, "killdisney," as he confidently claimed that the new release date would be July 15 next year. Why so specifically that date? Why, that's the 5th anniversary of the series!

David Harbour as Jim Hopper

A Final Word

There is good reason to believe that the worked out date by the fan is a great guess. Even if the exact date isn't that, we can expect season 4 of Stranger Things to come out within that time frame. As for now, let's just pray that things do settle down for the better in the course of time.

Ending Statement

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