New Valentine’s Day Inspired DnD Subclass Out for Public Playtesting

One of the three new playtesting subclasses for Unearthed Arcana is most probably a Valentine's Day treat.

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Three character subclasses have recently been added for public playtesting on its website. This new Unearthed Arcana addition consists of the Cleric Love Domain, which must be a special treat for fans as February 14 approaches. The two other subclasses are the Clockwork Soul Sorcerer and the College of Creation.

The Cleric Love Domain

The new cleric is a follower of the of the several love deities. It is able to create a bond between two consensual characters (lovebirds or not) which renders them a d4 bonus to one of their rolls each turn, provided they are at least within 30 feet of one another. In addition, the love domain cleric is able to infatuate a creature temporarily. This results in the creature to use a weapon attack against a desired target. A high level Love Domain Cleric offers many more buffs and facilities, and its created bond becomes all the more mightier.

This was the January 2018 edition of Unearthed Arcana subclasses

The other two subclasses.

The College of Creation finds Bardic Inspiration from the Song of Creation, believed to have constructed the entire universe. Such a Bard can create a "Note of Potentia;" to give a secondary boost to players. This buff can either add some temporary HP, deal damage, or allow a re-roll of their Bardic Inspiration dice. A high level College of Creation can even conjure items and then use that conjured object to deal damage.

As for the Clockwork Soul Sorcercer, it has ties to Mechanus, a realm very much related to the setting of the Planescape campaign. Such sorcerers can affect creatures within 60 feet around them, using their reaction to either grant advantage or disadvantage to those creatures. A high level Clockwork Soul Sorcerer can set up damage reducing magical wards, and can also enter a trance that renders any rolls below 10 to become 10.

These are interesting subclasses to say the least. This edition of Unearthen Arcana was, however, not much promoted. It is safe to say, howevever, that players should be able to get hours on end of fun role-playing with the new subclasses, especially the Love Domain Cleric in time for Valentine's Day.

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Let us know what you think about the three new subclasses in the comments section! Is the Love Domain Cleric your favorite?

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