DnD Story #168 – The no longer luckiest rogue

Ther ewas once a rogue who only got nat 20s while lieing


I started DMing for my first time and i wanted to give freedom to everyone and not get stuck in a linear story, so before i get all characters together i did a bit of solo story making them make their decisions and the story i wanted to share was with our Rogue, which in search of completing a wanted dead or alive poster he ends up in a city with weird guards and the people wondering about their king (the king was a fake and that fake was his target). He had a friendly npc friend that helped him around the city and both found that the king was fake and all guards were bandits and they should try invade the castle and kill the head of the gang. He decides they should dress up as guards to improve their conditions on infiltrating the castle and along the way the Rogue rolls some amazing 5 in a row nat 20s in lying and deception and they reach the king personal chambers, they start a fire in the opposite side of the castle to get their attention. They enter (him and the npc) in the kings chambers where they meet the fake (which was expected) the rogue chose a wrong approach and the fake king yells and theres a commotion, I roll perception for the supposed guards moving towards the fire they started and roll a nat 20, they hear and go help their king to find the door shut and they surround his chambers. The rogue cut the fake kings head and put it in a bag as he did he dropped at the sound of hammering in the door and the guards then break in: they get in the room and see your blade is bloodied and the “king” is decapitated in the ground, the advance armed and slowly at you, what u do ?

I want to drop my blade and point at them and say: HAHA Pity humans me the Grand Mage Zaldovar Fullfilled my mission taking control of this useless man, me the greatest mage of the land if you want to find the culprit, I meant me I am in the southwing of the castle come and face me foolish humans.

U want to intimidate ? 

No, I want to fool them that I was possessed and was not my fault

Roll deception.

NAT 1.

(rolled event die to see how bad I would make things happen, nat 20)

After you speech u feel your conscience fading away getting further from your body and u see your body moving and talking without you wanting and u hear yourself speak:

HAHA I did it I finally can… where am I ? damn wrong person.

So u indeed got possessed by some king of wizard and as your consciousness comes back u fall into the ground with a seizure for having your mind controlled. roll initiative. You lose your turn as you are in the ground having a seizure and are now surrounded by guards with the crime weapon in your hand.

After 5 times nat 20 lieing he failed at the crucial moment and the look on his face when he saw the 1 was priceless and more was when I told him what happened after as a consequence.

We laughed a lot and still do at this time, and I swear if he tries another trick and fails like this the same “wizard” will come back and ill make him some kind of boss for his revenge or so xD



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