DnD Story #245 – The Non Contributory Player


There was a dragonborn warlock in our group, who would never help out with the team or play along with the DM’s lore. Whenever we play he would always leave and do his own thing rather than playing with the rest of the group and when he does join us he would argue with the DM, or with everyone on our actions and desicions. Whenever our team takes on quest or go on a quest he would argue with the Dm on why should he care or take on the quest (would waste half an hour trying to convince him). His character was built to be a businessman/rogue rather than being an actual warlock, which angered the group and Dm because he would always be breaking into buildings and robbing the place and all his spells and cantrips were only benifical to himself. During combat, he would never contribute and would always argue with the Dm and try to overrule the Dm’s control. He would even at times metagame  and would argue if it doesn’t go his way. So one time when he was breaking into a bank rather than playing the Dm’s lore, he was defeated by six powerful NPCs (3 wizards, 1 warlock, and two fighters) who were guarding the vault with the money. He used invisibility to reach the vault but whatbhe didn’t know was that the three wizards and possessed detect magic and invisibility so they caught him red handed and attacked him. He tried to escaped but he failed poorly on the rolls and was trapped by the three wizards. Eventually the warlock and two fighters joined the fight and defeated him easily. They took him to prison where they found out about that he was connected to all the other robberies in the city and was sentence to death. He tried to metagame his way out but failed, and complained about the Dm being unfair, to which the Dm told him it was his choices. None of us helped because ingame our characters were somewhere else doing a quest and didn’t know and because we as players got tired of his crap and the Dm got tired of him breaking off from the team and doing his own thing. 



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