Order of Dragonblood Ch. 1

This Is the first Chapter to the short story Order of Dragonblood

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The Infinite Father’s beautifully carved wooden statue on the corner of my table tumbles on to the marble floor as a thunderous roar leaves my ears ringing. The crystalline hourglass in its hand shatters on impact. Blue fragments scatter across the floor. I sit up. I know that sound. This is a dragon. Judging by the pitch and flavor of its roar, a black one at that. It is still very young, inexperienced and weak. I raise myself from my chair. As I round the table, I cast a quick glance at the destroyed hourglass on the floor. The bright light of Aditya, cascading through the open window reflects and refracts on the fragments to create a colorful chaos. Destruction can be so very beautiful. As I reach the open window and look outside, I can see my suspicions confirmed. In the distance approaches an obsidian Black dragon glistening like the fragments of the hourglass on my office floor. I look at the giant skull of a red dragon hanging from the wall. That was a fight, this child outside wouldn’t even be a challenge. I am about to jump out of the window to teach this upstart a lesson or two. Then I realize something. It is quiet. Dead quiet. No panicked screams and screeches coming from the city. Are those scoundrels to afraid to scream? Or is there something else going on here? I decide to look again. More carefully this time. The Dragon is not attacking the City. Why is he not attacking AsapuHe is headed straight for this temple. 

I decided to take a closer look. Swiftly, I take a small glass vial off my belt. The light-blue liquid inside, seems to have a life of its own. It weaves around, boils and churns. Once I remove the cork from the vial the liquid dies down, like it always does. As if it is expecting something. I place the vial at my mouth take two sips and brace myself for what I know is coming. But, as always, I am not able to fully prepare myself for the surge on energy and power I feel cursing through my body once I swallow the liquid. It feels like a fire spreading from my mouth burning through my body at a rapid pace, leaving me sensitive to the world around me. My senses sharpen and there is a sensation of discomfort as the wave of fire reaches my heart. From one heartbeat to the next I can suddenly feel, touch and taste everything in a 3 feet radius around my, like I am actually touching or tasting it. It’s frustrating, that in these long years of my life, I’ve never been able to control the initial effect it has on me. The great Arahu kak dami should be stronger than that. Anyway, time to find out what exactly is going on. The energy flowing through me is just waiting to be put to use. I focus on the rune of far sight that I imprinted on my iris so long ago. I direct the energy vibrating inside me to the eye and out through the rune. The aura of sensation around me collapses inwards. I can feel the rune activate and for a moment my vision blurs. As my vision sharpens, I fixate on the young black dragon, who is now hovering in the distance above Asapu. The City seems to be holding its breath. Its glistening obsidian scales now almost blind me. There on the Dragon’s back is a small figure I recognize. It is that bastard kid Mereth. If he is here his wretched friends won’t be far. And sure enough, there they are. Walking the streets of Asapu like they own them. And the Akai following close behind. These people should have never existed. I should have erased their kind myself. They are a disgrace to elves and orcs alike. An Abomination! Dogs! There is no reason I have to look a single moment longer than absolutely necessary. I don’t need to be reminded of what happened between elves and orcs after the last war between Inior and Vallar. It apparently only takes two thirds of Tarros to spawn an Abomination of this magnitude. Stop thinking about them. You will do something stupid. They are not worth your anger. They aren’t even worth your thought. Just take a deep breath. 

With a deep breath I drop my concentration on the far sight rune. The energy floods from my eye into the rest of my body. My body tingles as the wave of energy fills up my body. After I am completely filled, it seeps out into the world around me. I am once again exposed to the sensations in my close vicinity. Although, through the use of the far sight rune, the radius of my sensitivity, along with the use of the energy has been reduced. I turn to my desk to seek advice from the statue of Zaman, The Infinite Father. Only to find it lying broken and shattered on the floor. A deep sigh escapes my mouth and I turn to watch, as the Group of vigilantes arrives in front of the temple gates. 

The heavy wooden office door creaks open, and without turning, I know who is standing in the doorway, with a panicked look on her face. I turn around and sure enough there she is, the captain of my guard. Clad in shining blue Caeruleum armor with the sigil of the Infinite Father Zaman imprinted on her chest plate, hand on the longsword at her side. » Your honor! They are demanding entrance, what shall we do? «, she exclaims, while bursting through the door. I raise my hand, » Now, now there is no need to be so aggravated child. Would you please exit the room and knock before entering? Order has to be kept, remember that my dear. « She looks at me and I can see fear glinting in her eyes as she quickly closes the sturdy Ividia Wood door. I focus my senses on the door and although I am on the other side, I can feel how she raises her hand and proceeds to knock. Then the knock resonates through the room. After waiting a few long seconds, she reenters slowly.  Seemingly having regained the control over her emotions. She looks up at me with steely, determined eyes and salutes by interlocking her fingers in front of her chest, resembling an hourglass. »Your honor what is your instruction for the temple Guard? « »Well done Scrigafay, my dear, that wasn’t so hard was it? « Scrigafay slowly nods her head. » Well these primitives will sadly not respond to reason, you know «, I say in a discouraged voice. Scrigafay seems to lose hope again, the steely determination slowly vanishing from her eyes. I give her an encouraging smile. »They are here to have my head I presume. No need to worry. «Her expression slips even further into a panic » You won’t let that happen! I trust you and your men. «, I reassure her. She seems to calm down but looks to be still confused about how I have approached this situation. She simply can’t comprehend that death is inevitable and if you are as old as I am, the thought of it seems surprisingly comforting. From outside the temple gates a second booming roar is heard. »It seems they are done waiting Captain. Would you now go attend your duties? May the Infinite Father be with you. « I turn around and leave her with a perplex look on her face. She stands up straight, salutes and leaves my office without another word. The Heavy Ividia Door slams shut, like the closing chapter of her so youthful life. 

Without hesitating I speak out »Tran O Mar, did you really think I did not realize you snuck in while I was talking to Scrigafay? Do I have to make you knock as well? Where is your respect for the Order we are destined to preserve? « The air shivers as a figure in the corner of the room steps out of the shadows between the bookshelves. »Yes, your Honor, I apologize for my actions, punish me if you and the Infinite Father do so desire. «, Tran O Mar says in his soft and raspy voice. I have found that I come to find his voice more and more despicable the more often I hear it. »But your Honor, if I may ask, why aren’t you telling Scrigafay the truth? Why are you sending her and the Guard into a fight they cannot win? « I kneel down onto the cool marble floor and begin to collect the fragments of the Infinite Father’s Hourglass. »Well Tran. They are expendable. It is that easy. You and the further Silutu on the other hand are not. « The crystal fragments sting as I pick them up from the floor. They easily pierce the skin of my right hand and are soon tainted red and covered in my fresh, warm blood. Due to my still heightened senses, I feel him taking a deep breath, as if he is about so say something. Before a single sound escapes his mouth I stop him. »You will not fight! Do you understand? You will do what I told you and leave this Town and regroup at the Tower. And I expect you to heed that Order or I will personally remove your head and make Ranul the Genesis. « I gently pick up the last fragments of crystal from the marble floor. My hand is now covered in a steady stream of blood. Tran is simply staring at my blood-covered hand. »What? Don’t act like you have never seen blood before! How many people have you killed? Ah… right, you don’t count them anymore. Well don’t stand there like a fool! Leave! And if you decide to return, I will end you myself. The only blood you will then is your own. « Tran slowly makes his way to the door, looking like a mistreated dog. Then with the copper handle of the door in hand he turns around one more time. Who does he think he is? I told him to leave! He should be a mile away from here by now. This is enough. » Have you not heard what I demanded you to do? «, I screamed at Tran » What are you still doing here? Is This because I said I was going to die today? I know that since more than 1000 years! This is my Destiny! My time has finally come! And nobody is going to stop that from happening! So, if you do not want to be reduced to ashes, I suggest you leave this room at once! NOW LEAVE! « Without a further word I abruptly turn towards my desk. The door faintly clicks as it is finally locked. I take a deep breath. 

  From Outside I, once again, hear the dragon’s booming roar. I step to the window. The Dragon with Mereth on his Shoulders swoops in to attack the gates of the temple. They are greeted by a volley of arrows and spears. The sky darkens, as they descend onto the dragon and its rider. Seeing this I turn away from the window. I know where this is going to end. I don’t have the time to watch the temple fall. I can only hope that the slaughter of my guards will take them long enough for me to complete my work. I take a seat at my desk. Slowly caress the armrest. Feeling the cool smooth Ividia wood underneath my hands I focus the last remaining energy of the vial onto a quill on my table. I fill all of my remaining energy into the rune of scripture inscribed into the quill. After I completely depleted my energy resources a wave of exhaustion sweeps over me. At the same time a feeling of accomplishment washes over me. I have to keep focused my work is not done just yet. With wobbly legs I raise myself from the chair. Almost slipping, as the polished marble floor has become an obstacle. I barely steady myself and slowly, once again, make myself to the window. I fully open the silver silk curtains with the Infinite Father’s symbol, the hourglass on them. I finally look outside. The lower levels of the temple have started to burn, the golden flames clashing with the golden light of Aditya, slowly vanishing over the horizon. With my life’s sunset in mind, I open the windows. Still unsteady, I step onto the windowsill. I cast a last glance at my desk. The Quill is floating above the desk. Then it sets down and writes the first words on an empty piece of paper lying on the desk. 

I smile. My Story will not be forgotten. They will all remember the great Arahu kak dami. The great Leader of the Order of Dragonblood. The Protectorate of Tarros. The Champion of Zaman the Infinite Father. The Guardian of Order. It was a steep bloody road. But I would tread it again if given the chance. To please the Infinite Father, I would do anything. I did anything. For over 1000 years I did anything and everything he demanded. I did my part and I did it well. But now it is time to go. The world doesn’t want me anymore. The Akai have poisoned Tarros. Mereth and his little band of fools have turned the continent against the Order. I know what awaits them at the end of their journey. And without me, they won’t stand a chance. That decision is out of their hands, their fate decided. I decided it. These pathetic worms call themselves »Heroes«. The only one who could save them is me. Only, I won’t do it. I take a step closer to the ledge of the windowsill. They see me as the Villain. I am a Hero. I saved this Continent. I could save it again. But it seems I am no longer wanted. With that, a sly grin forms on my face and I take an unsteady step into thin air. The ground approaches with tremendous speed. Dear infinite Father take in your faithful servant and let me feast at your table for eternity. I cast one last look over the burning temple. My guards trying to fend of a superior enemy. I just hope that they keep them away long enough for the quill to complete my story. The story of the Order of Dragonblood. A sharp pain explodes in my head, as I impact with the stone pavement. Everything goes black in an instant. 


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