Our DM and his annoying chase scenes!

5e game of Dragon heist and Out of the Abyss.


I playing a 5e game with 4 other friends, and it was my first campaign with an actual group, instead of just playing with one person! It was run by our DM, and I will call him John for this. John was running a game for the four of us, with the module, Dragon Heist! In the character line up there was, me, a hill dwarf cleric called Rangrum, an elf bard named Ivellios, an elf paladin called Theodin, and a human monk named Kellun! At this time, we were all 4th level. At this point in the story, we were trying to get the stone of galor, and we kept going down and down on this path, trying to find it. We had tracked it to someone who had boughten it from a local meat butcher nearby who had given it to them wrapped up. We kicked in their door, and they somehow, in 1 action, did a flip over our heads, jumped out the window, climbed up the wall, and started running! We tried to follow them, but it was no use, because they were going at least 80ft per round! We gave up chase after that since it wasnt going to work, and we told John it was unfair. He said that he “took note” of what happened. In another game we played with John, in out of the abyss, with the same group, something else happened. I was playing Erelos, a wood elf druid, and the other characters were Wolfric Kinvar, a drow warlock, Silvous Kinvar, Wolfrics brother, and a multiclassed Ranger/Sorcerer. We were in a deep gnome town or something like that called Gracklestug, and in order to leave, we were tasked with finding someone and catching them. I turned into a cat to sneak up to him and was right behind him, when he started running as soon as he saw me, even though I was a cat. I said to the DM, “Why is he running? He cant know its me!” John replied, “Well… uh… he has magic sense so he knows you were a druid.” 

And the chase was on, but what it was easily over, since everyone else was some distance back, and this guy was moving 100ft a round! Even though I made my character to have a speed of 40, and with magic, 50ft, none of us wanted to waste our time doing this. We told John that it wasnt fun to do that, and he said “He had…boots of speed on!” 

I knew he was just making excsuses though, and I am not sure why he didnt change it when we didnt like it. I think what we can  take from this is to listen to your players for feedback for a better game!


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