Paladin bluff check = Epic Jail break


How an epic bluff check by the Paladin transformed the party from misfits into Badasses

I have been a veteran of D&D since the TSR days. But I hadn’t played in a long time. A few long-time friends were curious about playing and so I dug through my old campaigns and found “The Dark Ziggurat” a campaign I penned back in 1996. I reoriented it to the Pathfinder scenario since I had most of the manuals still intact or in pdf format. It was a great starter campaign that took the party from 1st to 9th level and hit most of the iconic D&D scenarios: slave escape, wilderness survival, valuable item recovery, classic dungeon crawl, VIP rescue, gladiatorial arena match, Inter dimensional travel, Rescue of a fallen lesser deity, survive a full scale battle between armies, slay a dragon, and on and on. Both of my friends had never played any table top, they chose to play a paladin and an rogue. They struggled through the first few sessions but soon were hooked. This is how they became epic:

During a VIP rescue mission, the party was tasked to recover a spy who had been captured and was being interrogated and tortured by the villains. To give the party cover the resistance fighters launched an assault against the defenses of the baddies. The frontier town the villains had seized was in chaos, but the party managed to stealth in near to where the spy was being held. But didn’t dare try the front door as it was guarded by an unusually smart ettin. The paladin being a hulking mass of holy meat, decided he could just smash through the walls of the jail fast enough for the party to recover the Spy, then make a break for it. It worked, except for a random encounter roll that brought a patrol of evil legionaries right after the paladin had struck his first blow. They immediately stopped the group ready to arrest them. The Paladin rolled a bluff check, NAT 20. He proceeded to explain that they were “Renovators” tasked by the BBEG to install new, more secure, doors and windows for the jail. Their armor and weapons were issued to them by the Evil Overseer due to the fact that they were working in a warzone. The Legionaries bought this, and continued on their patrol. The Party rescued the VIP, congealed into a cohesive group and went on to be heroes. Hence “The Renovators” were born.


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