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this party is made up of a noble Dragonborn paladin, a fallen Asmar soldier warlock(me), an asimar bard of lore, a turdal monk multi-classed in druid

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the party met up at a tavern and after some role-playing, my warlock met the paladin and had similar values they quickly started to become close friends. After a few instances of messing around and solving a devil problem in the town then we headed off to an island where a portal to hell was open and was relatively peaceful but there was a strange black taint that leads to the island and we entered the island and advanced around and looked for survivors. we all made rolls to look for survivors and I rolled a nat 1 and saw a family that had been killed in a gory manner that caused my character to burry them and lost control of himself from the surroundings causing memories of the battlefield and was going to attack anyone who touched him and the paladin saw him like this and tried to get him back to reality but my character prepared to swing at him and our monk grab me and poured a strong alcoholic mixture and caused me to blackout the paladin picked me up and laid me in the bed. after this first instance, the party was having a fun time with the ship and we helped the townspeople and then headed into the mountains and took a train and we all bought rooms and the dm let us know that we would group up and the party looks at us and then we roomed together and both came to an agreement that we would become brothers in blood.


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