Pathfinder To Have No More Content For First Edition

It has been officially slated that Pathfinder is to have no further content for 1E, as revealed by creators Paizo on Twitter.


It was yesterday that the creators of Pathfinder, Paizo, confirmed they are going full throttle on their second edition as far as future plans go, and that this is it for new content for the the first edition. The final content to come for Pathfinder 1E is an expanded version of Kingmaker Adventure Path, something which is also to be published for 2E.

Is This The End Of Pathfinder 1E?

This news finally puts the nail on the coffin for the original Pathfinder that has served as a veritable alternative for DnD for so many years, but the silver lining is that fans are welcome to buy 1E rulebooks and adventure path books as these are to continue to be on the market, at least until demand plummets.

Check out the comments by Paizo yourself:

Legends Don't Die, They Evolve

The legendary status of Pathfinder truly took off after DnD's controversial 4e rules. Pathfinder thus provided for disgruntled players a veritable alternative to DnD by taking from its 3.5E rules and modifying them. Indeed, Pathfinder 1E has been a significant number of fans' preferred version over DnD over the years.

Then DnD 5E came along, and though many still preferred Pathfinder, it had to evolve as well. It was last year that Pathfinder 2E came up, and it has offered a very beginner-friendly experience. Now it seems like Paizo is going all-in for 2E and has put 1E behind.

A Final Word

Pathfinder purists are bound to be disappointed by the news, but we feel that 2E will carry on Pathfinder's legacy well, and it was just a matter of time when the creators would focus solely on 2E

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Ending Statement

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