Platforms Which Let You Play DnD Online Even On Quarantine

You can still play DnD while on quarantine - just go online!

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How many days has it been that we aren’t able to hang out with friends and play some DnD? For weeks the global pandemic COVID-19 has halted many an ongiong campaign and stopped many new ones from taking place. But did you know that you can resume those campaigns, and start some new ones, by just going online? 

Many of you will already know about some online platforms to play DnD on. But for those hesitant on this venture, or for those who haven’t tried yet, here are some ways you can play your favorite table-top RPG on a virtual table!

Roll 20 or Fantasy Grounds

Yes, there are official games on Steam that you can purchase which brings the world of table-top RPG to that of MMORPG. Both Roll 20 and Fantasy Grounds simulate the pen and paper experience onto a virtual screen, no time more convenient and safe than right now during the pandemic.

Roll 20 especially is a very amateur-friendly platform for DnD. It is compatible with most devices and contain audio and video chat options. Players can converse face to face, making the game as real and time-grounded as possible. As for Fantasy Grounds, it is more sophisticated. If you are an experienced player, try this one. Moreover, these two platforms support not only DnD, but also other similar games like Pathfinder, Monsterhearts, Call of Cthulu.

Reddit or D&D Beyond

Many fabulous and over-the-top DnD stories come from Reddit. It is a place where new players can seek out groups to join, and where veteran players catch up with their teammates in this time of social distancing. DnD Beyond is another such platform offering online DnD gameplay. 

It's Called Social Distancing, Not Social Media Distancing

In these trying times, people ironically have much more time on their hands but cannot meet friends face to face. This leaves them with more social media presence. Wouldn't you want to take this chance to play DnD on a live video chat, whether it be on Messenger Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Google, Hangouts, or Discord?

A Final Word

Regardless of how much opportunity there is for players to explore DnD virtually, it is inevitable that for many, it will not replicate playing face to face. One tip for enjoying online DnD more is to first play a warm up and a one-off before continuing your long time campaign. A test session helps familiarise players to the online platform. Moreover, it will determine whether everyone has a stable internet connection to play without much lag.

Ending Statement

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  1. You left out Tabletop Simulator on Steam. It’s a cheap 3D virtual world that lets everyonre roll 3D dice, move miniatures, and control their own virtual camera. I build dungeons there and have hosted up to 7 players.

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