psychotic “high” elf sorcerer kills my character and releases an inter-dimensional evil

the last thing that corvus felt was extreme disappointment. and all of Corvus's 5421 gold and his bomb yes this is still written on his sheet are still in the balloo

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so this was my first Campaign and I put several months of work into my character. so I show up to the first session and we introduce our characters we have bulric the half orc barbarian, balasar the dragon born every alinement paladin, Dijonson Eskabar the wood elf sorcerer, Torsak the dwarf cleric, Filz m Pocketz the wood elf rogue, and my character a human warlock of the great old one called corvus named Rudyard Stermark. the story starts in the dead of night a window shatters our party was paid to rob a jewelry store and the campaign started halfway through the botched attempt. so I cast minor illusion on the window and Bulrics face in through the window so he (with 5 intelligence) just stands there until Torsak moves him away (also very low intel like 6 or 7) so then the owners of the shop come to the window in the door and ask what we are doing there at 1:00 in the morning and after some very memorable rolls (crit fail, 1, and -2) torsak just straight up forgets the window that was broken and walks through the wrong one taking a non-trivial amount of slashing damage then through dumb luck we end up killing everyone in the store including ourselves then are resurrected. we still don't know how. my character buys a pound of deadly nightshade, a bomb, an index of poisons, a bag of holding, and makes 100 doses of a teifling specific poison. (my character hates teifling to a ridicules level i.e he threw 1000 gold one at a time instead of just handing the gold over like a normal person he thew the gold one by one at a teifling and it took an hour in-game) later we flew across the ocean in a hot air balloon which took 10 days after we stayed on the island for a total of 30 in game minutes before running for our lives on the uneventful flight home the dijonson who was really high on fae dragon breath from his familiar got board and decided that it would be a good idea to push my character off of the balloon. somewhere along this wild ride we got an intern named Talia who was a level one bard oh at this point we were all level two. Corvus roll a nat 1 on his strength check to not be pushed out of the balloon but dijonson also fell then Talia jumped and cast feather fall on all of us then a gust of wind pushes us out of the rang of the spell and we fall our deaths. part of corvus's pact is that when he dies his patron will use his soul as a conduit to escape the imprisonment spell and the last thing that corvus felt was extreme disappointment. and all of Corvus's 5421 gold and his bomb yes this is still written on his sheet are still in the balloon. here is the description that I wrote at the time of what the monster that appeared when Corvus died,

A hulking monstrosity with four broken looking arms protrude from its back. where its arms should be it has black feathered wings with a peppering of small white feathers its head is a cross between a raven and a spider its beak opens along the vertical axis and is has eight black eyes that drip black fluid. Its skin is covered in black and Oozing pustules. it wares only rags it sings a haunting melody.

it appeared and proceeded to eat all of the other people who fell from the balloon and then it took to the sky and started chasing the balloon but we had a wizard NPC who use DM magic to dimension shift into Eberron. torsak committed suicide because he left his family in the homebrew world and balasar decided that he hated adventuring and became a priest at a church. filz faded away into history and nobody knows what happened to him.


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