Q the rogue

Q, the halfwit rogue, unknowingly becomes a Cleric of Avandra.

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Upon fighting undead in the sewers below an elven magic shop, the party ran into a Lich who kept summoning more and more undead to fight. The Barbarian tank took two very heavy hits and was down to 1 hp, and with no healer in the the party, things were looking grim for the barbarian.

Q, having remembered a conversation at the local temple of Avandra, called to the Goddess for assistance in their time of need, "Send help and let us push on to rid the city sewers of undead!"

DM: Roll religion (with a scoff as Q has 0 in religion) 

Q: Nat 20!

DM: Pulls off headset, requests 5 minutes to think about this, and walks away…

5 minutes later.

DM sits down, adjusts headset: As you watch in amazement, the goddess Avandra answers the call for help! [You all are back to FULL HP], and infront of you materializes a gnome holding his sword and armor while in full PJs.

DMPC: "Oh my, hello there, looks like we've got some trouble, mind if I help out?"

Q: "Of course, join the party, we're having a spot of trouble, if you don't mind" 

DMPC: "Certainly, just getting my armor ready"

Battle rages on, and quickly the odds turn in favor of the PCs. PCs speak with the Lich who is behind a Wall of Force, Lich dismisses them as more of an inconvinence than a threat, and portals away (yes probably a BBEG)

This brought our party to Level 5, Q (unknown to the character, has gained a level in Cleric, making him Rogue 4, Twilight Cleric 1 [important to note that he took a feat in Magic Initiate for a familiar, a pigmy owl named "Dawg"]. Visiting the Temple to inform them of the miracle that happened, they are just as surprised that such an unfit person would have called and had their prayer answered. 

Later that day, the party visits the local magistrate, turns out the DMPC was the local person in charge, "Lord BaffleStone", Gnome fighter of some sort. He regails the story after some prompting (he's a retired adventurer so his wife wants him home and safe), and gives more plot points.

As the adventure continues, the next battle, a few in game days later, the barbarian falls in combat in a 1v1 challenge. Q is visibly upset and asks Avandra to help his fallen friend, the owl (named "Dawg") nuzzles the fallen barbarian, and heals him for 5 pts of healing. Startled by this revelation, Q thinks the owl has gained some form of healing powers, and begins to notice that the owl has been giving some "extra" help (via guidance) for the past few days. 

**The premise is that Q, at intelligence of 11, is still above average, but is played as if he's a moron. Taking touch spells to use the familiar as a conduit and spells such as bless it should be some time before he's fully "aware" of his new abilities and it is NOT the owl. This character concept is not optimized for damage but is becoming pretty fun to RP.**

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  1. OK, but Q is unknown to most of us AND not exactly a sympathy-magnet. Even, when you rightfully note that he is played below the potential his player MAY deserve.

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