Quite long story about a player who did evertything he was told to do

I was threwing off some RPG notes and remembered of this story

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Two years ago i was playing and DMing in a homebrew system table with a couple of of people. In a style of “everyone has a power, just like heroes you see in tv”. However, the story that we wanted to tell is the counterpart, which means that all of the players were villans of this world.
This story is about a player with a character without a name. She was called only by the name Dagger and had improved perception. An professional engineer and sniper with more points into Perception and Dex as you can imagine. Precise and deadly if given the right conditions. Blonde long hair, half-masked face, eyes dead as a corpse and a view of the world that caught me off guard. We had an NPC that would give instructions and set missions for the this group of 5 villans. Having +4 years narrating N kinds of RPGs at the time, I’d expect that my players would get off the hook of the story and do anything else, so i made the world open as possible and with many pages of random encounters, plotlines and plothooks so we wouldn’t be in a shopping session for 4 hours or something. The Dagger, however, did everything that was told her to do as long as she didn’t had to hurt herself on purpouse in the process. Orders from everyone and anyone could be made by her, so she was the one to bring the group back to reality and make the missions and try to screw over the heroes and other villan factions. The other player relevant to this story is an mind reader called Vega (Or Vegas, we didn’t quite decide so both were used). She was the one to do most of the hard information gathering for the group and with some good roll could even mind control enemies, however never used her power into her allies.

During a heated argument due to a mission being failed and one of the PCs dying in the process (wasn’t actually their fault, in 30 rolls of a d20 they got 19 critical failures), Vega discovered a part of Dagger’s backstory (to this they got a nat20, but whatever), that she wasn’t an actual ally and was betraying the group with a bigger and powerfull faction that they were fighting since the beggining of time.

Vega said in an angry tone putting her gun up into Dagger’s face: “What do you have to say for yourself? You have being betraying us this whole time”
Dagger said almost nothing, keeping the dead look at all of the players. “Orders are orders. Making questions is not part of my afairs.”
Vegas pressed the trigger, but since no one actually knew what the mind reader was talking about, they barely manage to save their sniper, which only got a flesh wound.
Vega was forced to put her weapon down and said in a both angry and sad tone:
“Orders are orders, hun? Then do the following, get off my face, go to your boss, kill everyone there and die in the process. That’s an order.”
The Dagger simply stood up and left the base, without leaving a word or trail behind.
They were destroyed, even with the mean face, everyone had a nice relation with her and didn’t actually wanted her to leave, in the heat of the discussion they had lost their sniper, engineer and friend. They thought that she would come back but nope, she said that there’s no coming back from this. However, little to their knowledge they had woke a slow working demon, a beast that not even i could stop.

The following sessions were really hard for the remaining players, even with a new PC from the dead player. Due to the expertise into mechanics of the Dagger, their enemies had several upgrades in advance, making even the low level enemies an actual death threat. The Dagger looked up into the final boss (FB) and said into low tone and dead words

D: “I’ve made my part, they shouldn’t be more than a distraction from now on.”
FB putting down an already almost finished ciggar: “Good. Now leave my office.”
D:”What about my payment?”
FB somehow angry and being rude:”I thought that you didn’t made questions. You already have it, you will work for me as my engineer and my employes will serve your orders as you had serving mine. “
I was thinking that she would grab her guns and shoot the guy, but to my shock. She said
D:”As you wish.” and leaves the room without the promissed payment.

The following time, to my surprise she put everysingle point that she could into INT, trying to become the best among the best of the area, doing armor, weapons, cars and whatever more you could imagine. While her old group of players where strugling to keep up with the improvements.
After a time skip she became the head engineer and an actual commander of the legions. Creating and making a lot of improvement to do into the infantry armor and into the uniform of everyone associeted with the business of FB. You can see where this is going but at time i didn’t. I haven’t planed to level 1 crooks recieving militar grade equips and adrenaline buffs but that was happening and i quite wanted to see where she wanted to go with that.

The group of PCs clearly was still causing problem and didn’t gave up into their objective of defeating FB, causing explosions on suply lines, kidnaping scientists and demanding information and were being quite sucessful, calling the attention of FB as “not only distractions” anymore.
Dagger commanded to every single personel in duty to get their old group, however, she wanted them alive. After another session of bad rolls, the group was captured and led to a warehouse where they supposely would be executed. Dagger then talked to Vega, in a scary but calm tone while putting a kind of a choker into her and into all of the group

D: “You must remember me, orders are always orders. And im the one to complete them.”
Vega tried to mind read Dagger but she only got: “Complete orders no matter what. This time, no cost is too great”. And she panic, but knew that Dagger was a lost cause and accepted her fate and told me off game: The campaing was really good, it’s a shame.
Dagger while holding a trigger, kind of a remote detonator and just repeated what was into her mind: “Complete orders no matter what. For this orders, no cost is too great.”
The thing is, she alterated the chokers herself, so it would have the same drug that every single soldier and staff had into implants that she required. So i thought that she planned to get all of the group out fighting toe to toe with all of the soldiers. Boy, was i wrong. I had a drug limitation for every one, more than the limit and its pass out due to a little overdose, more than a certain limit is certain death. Dagger pressed the trigger and she injects the full content of those stimpacks. Into everyone. But also triggers the same mechanism in everyo soldier and personel that ever recieved any upgraded equipment of her. In this point of the story was every single one of the FB’s personel. Saying that the amount of stimpacks into the personel was overkill is an understatement, the group recieved a significant less amount and with some lucky CONS checks they manage to keep themselves awake for a little while

Dagger drew her gun into the action and shoot into the knee into the only person that hadn’t recieved the drug, FB himself. He was in the middle of the crowd but with everyone dying before hiting the floor he was the only one standing.

Dagger said to Vega: “Orders are orders. They are dead and im facing my boss. You told me to die in the process, but im not gonna hurt myself to do so.”
She putted the gun into Vega’s still drunken hands so she would be the one to finish the job. Vega finish the FB without him having a way to defend himself, but pass out little after it. They had their awakening in hospital beds and listening to the TV that they were the only survivors of the warehouse and they were “lucky” to survive the overdose. Last thing the group knows is they recieving a “visit” of a short blonde hair nurse in the hospital. The nurse, calm and with hopefull eyes and a cheerful atitude looked into them, for a second put the dead eyes that they know better, still with a big smile and asked “What are my orders this time?”

We continued the campain and we all learned to never give that player some order. Or he would ignore it or follow to the letter. Nothing in between.


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