Revenge is a price, not a prize

In this 5e homebrew, my friends and I were finishing our campaign so we decided to bring in character side plots until everybody`s story was concluded individualy.


My character was a human fighter, (creative i know right?), but his name was Torrent with no last name, never knew his parents so he was never given one. Torrent at his time was teamed up with a group of adveturers. They met when at sea there group was attacked by a unknown sea creature. the adventurers were Liz a female lizardfolk barbarian, Hershell a goliath ranger wielding a giant bow, Cephelus a tiefling pyromaniac sourcerer, Hastur an insane elf mystic who served a patron elder god though surprisingly not a warlock. and Azria, pretty much the leader of the group and was a female dragonborn paladin. During the attack a the middle of the night Liz took a hit from the creature that knocked her of the ship leaving her unconcious and poisoned. By some miracle a small fishing boat found her and treated her wounds, the sailor of this boat was Torrent. Torrent helped Liz recover and took her to the harbor were they found the rest of the group. Torrent was a mercenary at the time and in need of work, hooked up with the group which made Liz happy. Torrent was chaotic good and a bit of an anarchist so the way he acted often got him in trouble with Azria, but over time they learned to tolerate each other. Liz after her rescue found it only proper that she pay back Torrent by pledging herself to him. Much to his disapproval since he didnt believe in alligance or athority but eventually it rubbed off and they even shacked up. Hastur and Torrent enjoyed discusions about philosophy and the universe, theres alot more to mad men than one may think. Cephelus liked to do his own thing so they didnt really connect much, and Hershell made the best drinking buddy. they had advetures slaying mosters, overthowing corruption, and uncovering mysteries. At the time the group was continuing to travel east as raiders and bandits appeared rampantly. Eventually as days went on and the farther east they went the more raidings occured and Torrents drinking went from fun to a serious problem. Torrent began to walk around shambling looking more and more ruined as days went by. But when ever the group thought they should stop for him it was him that said the needed to keep going until they hit the ocean. Some nights he would not get home until it got real late or everyone had left. Liz asked Hastur to check on him one night while in a town to see if he was ok. Hastur saw him leave the tavern but he didnt go home rather he ducked down in allyway wearing what he called his “uniform” which looked like a 18th century captains coat with epauletes with his hair slicked back and cigar in his mouth and his beard freshly trimmed, he was preparing for something. Hastur followed him down the ally way and saw him talking with another man in a privateer’s uniform. Hastur saw Torrent hand him all the gold earned from thier last job and heard something about someone being somewhere tomorrow, after which Hastur emerged not afraid to question immediantly what was going since he lacked the ability to fear. Torrent told him that answers will come in time but for now he had to go and said he would pay the party back in time. But before he left he turned back to Hastur and said “Tell Liz i’ll be back soon, in one way or another.” Hastur told the party about what happened, much to Liz’s dismay. Azria decided they needed to find him and find out what is going on. Hastur said they should be careful because before imerging in the alley way he rolled on a 20 on a perception role and 20 armed men with muskets in the windows looking down the alley way, most likely working for Torrent. Meanwhile Torrent and his crew head for the coast, his secound in command, Lars, told Torrent that the ambush is ready and that they have 8 cruisers set up at the coast armed and ready for the target, now time for some back story. Years ago Torrent was a sailor on a ship living on an array of islands where goverment tyranny was rampant. Eventually Torrent started a pirate crew that only attacked goverment ships as they were more of a movement. To some he was nothing more than a bandit with a boat, to others he was a freedom fighter. In the end it didnt matter soon many joined his cause, scutlling every ship they captured soon they had more ships than the navy themselves and overturned the entire military. One day a member of his crew, Zylas found a woman on a navy ship and wanted to use her for unsavory means. However Torrent didnt agree with this so he found Zylas and beat the hell out of him and kicked him off the crew and exiled him. Soon the navy stopped attacking and as mounths went buy the military was nowhere to be seen and eventually the woman Torrent saved became his wife and years would go by even having a daughter. Torrent and half of his fleet docked at his home island drinking and partying like their was no tommorrow, his wife went to put thier daughter to sleep back on the boat in harbor. As he walked back alone across the boardwalk back to his ship he saw lights off in the distance at sea followed by a flash and a boom as the boardwalk ripped apart throwing Torrent into the water. An entire fleet was firing at the ships while everyone was drunk or asleep. One of the rounds hit the gupowder stores of his ship blowing apart the wooden hull, catching aflame, Torrent heard the screams of his wife and daughter and struggled to get back on board and try to make his way to the lower deck. He could hear them crying behind the door to the room but it was blocked by fallen burning planks. He grabbed at the the planks ignoring the pain trying to get to them but another store of gunpowder went off blowing him off the ship and back into the ocean uncouncious. Lars would survive with handfull of his crew and save him dragging his body into the forest of the island. later awakening the next morning the fleet had moved in and killed any stragglers still alive in town, Torrent, Lars, and the rest of the crew swore vengence as the saw a new navl admiral step off the main vessel, Zylas the Admiral of the royal navy. Zylas was thier almost 15 years ago and and will be back tomorrow this was thier chance, not to rise up against tyranny, not to send a message, this was revenge and this was personal. After discovering some clues Hershell managed to track Torrent’s team to a port town the next day. The group looked around for Torrent and his crew but they were nowhere to be seen however the did see a ship dock in port during their investigation following it were 10 others in a fleet on being a man of war and the fleet sailed calmly until cannon fire was heard and 8 ships were seen firing and on coming the the fleet. The group decided to offer to help and hopped on the docked ship and headed for the battle when they saw one of the 8 ships whip past the others and ram straight into the man of war boarding it, Liz looked through the fog of war and saw Torrent boarding the ship and immediantly took the wheel from the captain and rammed the ship into the man of war aswell boarding it herself looking for Torrent. Torrent had rushed straight to the captains cabin and found Zylas waiting for him.With pistols in hand and swords in the other Torrent missed his shot and threw his pistol to the side while Zylas found his mark and hit Torrent in the chest. However in blind rage Torrent powered through and engaged Zylas in a dance of blades. Zylas and Torrent parried and traded blows but Zylas got the upper hand cutting Torrent across the leg and placing the tip of his sword to Torrents neck. Zylas gloated “Did you really think I would forget, no I savored the day I would kill you and I knew all I had to do was wait and you would come to me.” Suddenly Zylas felt a brutal pain in his chest looking down to see bone blades pushed through his abdommen. Liz had arrived just in time and finished off Zylas and took Torrent into her arms. The group and Torrent’s crew managed to escape with only a few casualties however Torrent was severly injured and told Liz about everything and that he was sorry for causing so much trouble. Liz told him that he had nothing to be sorry for but Torrent wasn’t listening. Torrent began bleeding more and more as he began to sing old sailor shanties. Liz told that he would be ok and that they would make it out together but right as she said that Torrent pulled her close and said lay me down. She rested him down and he rested his forehead against hers and just smiled chuckled and said “I lost so many already, I wont loose another.” Torrent’s hand dropped lifeless to the ground.


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