Roll20 Statistics Report Has DnD Still Being the Undisputed Most Popular Table-Top RPG

The report shows a complete domination of the field.


DnD fans know that Dungeons & Dragons 5E is the most popular table-top roleplaying game, but many may not know the actual gap between DnD and the number two most popular. Roll20, a host server for online RPG and more specifically for Game Masters,  releases reports on player usage of the top games on their server. Click here to see the Q4 report of 2019 in full.

As per Roll20's Q4 report of 2019, DnD wins the popularity contest without competition, as more than half (53%) of Roll20's users play DnD 5E. The second place goes to Call of Cthulhu with 10.50% of the server's users playing in it. Another notable place goes to Pathfinder: Second Edition. Released last year, it has been growing in popularity, and now accounts for 1.15% of Roll20's players, though less still than the original Pathfinder which boasts 5.64%. 

This was the Q2 report of 2017

Still going strong, with the future looking even brighter

The vast statistical disparity between number one and number two leaves it safe to assume that DnD is as popular as ever. Many celebrities have acknowledged their geekdom surrouding DnD, and many a TV show and movie have drawn inspiration from it. What's more, with Critical Role's  Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount on the way -- to be released on the 17th of March -- the sky is the limit for DnD.

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Source: Dicebreaker


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