Season 4 of Stranger Things Expected to Have 9 Episodes

The new season of Stranger Things is reported to consist of nine episodes, and one of them will uncover the background of a fan-favorite character.


The Netflix original TV series, Stranger Things, is set to return in its fourth installment next year. Though critically acclaimed, it has received arguably its biggest criticism yet after deciding to learn the wrong lesson from the infamous "The Lost Sister" episode back in season 2, when the producers omitted a special episode, like the aforementioned episode one, in season 3. For season quatro, it looks like this mistake will not be repeated, as TVLine has reported a ninth episode in the following season.

Seasons 1 and 3 comprised of 8 episodes. While it looked like season 4 will also follow the traditional route, it is now expected to carry a ninth episode. Season 2 had the infamous episode -- "The Lost Sister", which divided fans and critics alike, but arguably more for its awkward positioning than actual plot. In other words, that episode was largely praised for its unorthodox side story element which was separate from the main story line. However, this standalone aspect was criticized mainly due to it being placed after a cliffhanger episode. Thus, one could certainly expect season 4 to have better pace after having learnt the hard way -- by way of criticism.

Cast of Stranger Things Season 4

Fans can expect, for the additional episode, a focus on a quote unquote fan-favorite character and his or her story of origin. Whether that story is weaved in a single episode, or take its time by way of multiple ones, is all up in the air. With about a year in between release, expect to see more updates on the horizon.

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