Second Edition Of Pathfinder Is Going To Let Go Of All Of Its Dungeons & Dragons Roots

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The second edition of Pathfinder is now made available to purchase and it is better than ever!

Most Dungeons & Dragons fans know about Pathfinder ever since its first release. Its popularity literally had no bounds as it once became the top selling tabletop RPG in the world outselling the then newest Dungeons & Dragons, D&D 4e, though Wizards of the Coast managed to reclaim the throne of the top dog through D&D 5e. However, Paizo Publishing is now aiming to break the records once again with its newest edition of the Pathfinder rulebook.

The first edition of Pathfinder saw it take us back to D&D v3.5 after the antipathic release of D&D 4e. Basically, users got an option to stick to an older and better theme of D&D and play around it instead of a newer version which wasn't preferred. Over time, Pathfinder, became a franchise on its own which takes us to the release of its second edition.

Unlike the first edition, the second edition is not based on a version of Dungeons & Dragons rather a completely different entity on its own. It is more polished with greater focus towards character creation and tactical choices while playing including combat. The most significant feature of Pathfinder 2nd edition is that the player gets to set the skillset of his/her character albeit they must follow the default rules of classes. 

Pathfinder Core Rulebook (P2) can be purchased via Amazon at a discounted price of $47.99.

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