Hilarious Shenanigans in Rise of the Runelords

By: Rebecca Seidenberger


It’s not exactly d&d, but I’m GMing the Pathfinder adventure path Rise of the Runelords. In the beginning of the first part, there is a social encounter involving the owner of the general store and his very promiscuous daughter. The way the encounter is supposed to go is the daughter invites a PC down to her basement “to kill rats” and is in the middle of undressing each other when her father shows up and gets really angry. You can try to lie, hide, or fight, and then get to deal with not killing the man, dealing with a damaged reputation in town, and the daughter’s continued attempts to get you in bed, among other things. My PCs, however… Did it differently. My sister saw a picture of the daughter in the first event of the chapter and decided she wanted to find her and seduce her. Rolled high on her knowledge local check and then convinced the whole party to help her get this girl away from her protective father for the night. All of this she did before I had a chance to let the daughter approach her with her rats in the basement story. Lots of high rolls ensued and in the end, my sister grew bored with the poor girl before her father even found out she was doing anything with the new heroes of the town.



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